Work on yourself: 5 tips on how to stay in good shape after 30 years

Work on yourself: 5 tips on how to stay in good shape after 30 years

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The vitality of a woman depends on many factors of physical, social and psychological properties. However, without physical health and normal functioning of the neuro-hormonal system, in the first place, it is almost impossible to remain active and cheerful.

Three main female sex hormones are responsible for cognitive abilities, sleep quality, positive emotions, physical activity, muscle tone and even libido: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Although, of course, the entire hormonal system is involved: the thyroid gland, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal glands. Moreover, they all control sex hormones and ovarian function.

In addition to hormones, the immune system plays a significant role in the formation of vitality, and its work is directly related to the nervous system, nutrition, sleep, and nutrient deficiencies.

how to stay fit after 30
Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are the main female sex hormones.

Eliso Jobava, Lignarius ® brand expert, professor, doctor of medical sciences, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category with more than 20 years of experience, medical director of the Crede Experto group of clinics, told how to prolong female youth. With the help of Eliso in her author’s project “Academy of Conscious Motherhood”, more than 10,000 children were born and thousands of women gained women’s health.

Tip 1: Keep your sleep schedule

It is best to go to bed before 22:00, maximum until 23:00, and get up no later than 8:00. Normal sufficient synthesis of melatonin (sleep hormone) occurs from 20:00 to midnight. They didn’t go to bed at this time – they lost melatonin, no matter how much they slept afterwards. Lack of this hormone leads to a decrease in serotonin (the hormone of happiness and joy), followed by a decrease in the level of dopamine (the hormone of achievement), then oxytocin (the hormone of love). The synthesis of female sex hormones – estrogen and, to a greater extent, progesterone – also falls.

The best remedy for youth and tone is sufficient sleep in terms of time and number of hours. There are no owls and larks. There is a “forever tired goose” – a man with jet lag. Moreover, such a problem can arise even in childhood, and then in adulthood it seems to be the norm and routine.

Tip 2: Take courses of vitamins

Do not forget to take the main nutrients and multivitamin complexes in courses throughout the year. The basic nutrients are vitamin D, magnesium, iodine, omega-3, B vitamins. It makes sense to take courses of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, minerals and others. Now there is a huge selection of high-quality complexes and mononutrients. For a competent selection, it is better to consult a dietitian or nutritionist. Women aged 40+ should add phytoestrogens – lignans to the complexes of these drugs, for soft and safe correction of hormonal levels .

Tip 3: eat right

As trite as this advice may sound, many still neglect it. Meanwhile, it is extremely important to adhere to a clean diet and maintain an adequate drinking regimen with the exclusion of trans fats, a decrease in saturated (animal) fats and fast carbohydrates, as well as cereals containing gluten. At the same time, it is worth increasing the amount of above-ground vegetables, fiber, and unsaturated fats in the diet. The drinking regime means the daily consumption of 30 ml of pure water per 1 kg of weight, as well as a large number of teas, fruit drinks and compotes, with the exception of soda and coffee.

proper nutrition
It is important to adhere to proper nutrition and observe the drinking regime

Tip 4: Control your stress levels

Stress protection (protection from stress) has become a way of life for many of us. This will help anti-stress activities. They can be different: for someone, a session with a psychologist, meditation, religion is perfect, for someone a spa and massage, for someone taking adaptogens. The list can be long. The point is to find your “button”, which will specifically relax you and bring you into a state of balance and harmony.

Tip 5: Increase your physical activity, including sex, as well as hormesis

Add any type of exercise to your life: 10,000 steps, or biking, or swimming, or group workouts. Sex ideally should be done 2-3 times a week. Hormesis is a controlled effect on the body of low doses of stress factors, it activates protective functions and increases tone. For example, to stimulate the mild production of cortisol, an ice font after a bath, or a cryosauna, or other physiological stimulants, is suitable.

At the same time, there is one global “but”. If after sports, sex and hormesis you “die” and barely crawl, listen to your body and its signals. Take a break and take a deeper look at your health.

physical exercise
Women over 30 need exercise

Of course, I took the five most important moments of vitality. However, there are more of them. They can also include daily detoxification rituals and lymphatic drainage procedures. But if you start to adhere to at least the first five recommendations, your vitality will already become brighter and higher.


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