What to give a boy for 7 years

What to give a boy for 7 years

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When choosing a gift, it is best to focus on the interests of the child or on what interests or hobbies you would like to instill in him.

At the age of 7, as a rule, school years begin, new responsibilities appear. The gift can be associated with the theme of the school, preparation for the first grade and adaptation. This is relevant and will certainly come in handy. However, it is not necessary at all.

The child will like it more, it will entertain him in his free time from lessons. And here knowledge about the character and inclinations of the birthday man will come to the rescue.

If the birthday boy is a “naturalist”

In this case, it will not be difficult to choose a present. The main thing is not to get lost in the variety of devices, experiments and interactive toys.

Children’s microscope

What to give a boy for 7 years
Experiments with a microscope will motivate the child to expand their horizons and develop their childish curiosity.

With a microscope, you can:

  • see what you can’t see with the naked eye;
  • estimate the size of objects;
  • study the structure of any substance.

Children especially like to examine under a microscope a drop of water, their own skin, hair structure, a cut of a bulb … With the help of this optical device, a child not only learns the world around him at the level of microscopic particles, but also realizes its complexity, on the one hand, and immensity, on the other.

The microscope broadens one’s horizons, sparks research curiosity, and motivates the young scientist to experiment.

When choosing a device, pay attention to the strength of the case, the quality of the optics and the magnification factor.

Aqua farm

This is a “smart” aquarium, which, with proper care, allows you to keep fish and grow greens.

The device is both an aquarium and a mini farm at the same time. The people call it a fish garden, a home garden with fish and a corner of nature in the apartment.

The kit includes everything you need to become a “farmer”, namely:

  • plastic flask;
  • cover with holes;
  • pots;
  • seeds;
  • pebbles to the bottom;
  • fish food.

It remains only to put a fish in the aquarium!

Projector starry sky

A home planetarium that will allow you to admire the starry sky at any time. In addition, you can give an encyclopedia of constellations or an atlas of the starry sky so that the child can immediately fix the information he has read on his own night sky.

World map

There are many options here: from painted on the wall and stylized as a room design to classic paper.

And if you give an interactive map, then over time the child will independently remember the countries, their capitals, flags and other information about the world.

Kits for young scientists

On some trading floors, they are called scientific experiments and are kits for conducting experiments.

These kits will allow the child to learn the laws of chemistry, physics and biology at home. And not only learn, but also see with your own eyes! And do it yourself! In addition, doing exciting research can be done as a family activity.


If your child likes to walk, hike or participate in orienteering, binoculars will definitely come in handy. It is always interesting to observe distant objects, especially in nature.

Often on such walks, interest in studying birds can wake up. Who knows, maybe you will make a gift to a future ornithologist!

When choosing binoculars, pay attention to the quality of the optics, the magnification factor, and the weight of the device. After all, it will have to be worn around the neck or in a backpack.

If the birthday boy is an athlete

Want to add physical activity to your child’s daily routine? We offer a couple of non-banal options.


A non-standard simulator that promotes the development of coordination, dexterity and smoothness of movements.

The balance board consists of a board and a cylinder made of durable material. The goal of training is to balance and keep balance.

Punching bag

What to give an active boy for 7 years
A punching bag will be a great gift for active boys who need to throw out their energy.

Perfect for emotional kids as it’s one of the greenest ways to let your emotions out. In addition, the projectile does not take up much space in the house, and it can also be carried and rearranged.

The punching bag is:

  • hitting;
  • maintaining physical fitness;
  • some attribute of adulthood.

If you opted for a punching bag, do not forget about boxing gloves.

Lover to play with friends

Games at the table, on the floor or on the street – the choice is yours.

Table air hockey

Air hockey is the usual hockey, but not on ice, but at home. It is a table with special bits, with which players hammer the puck into the goal or beat it off. A little training and a lot of gambling fun!

Table soccer

Another version of the “street” game at home for fans of chasing the ball. Adults often join in as well.

When choosing such a gift, you need to take into account the size, since the area of u200bu200bthe usual playing area is about 6 m 2 .

Darts on magnets

It is a safe alternative to classic darts as the darts use a magnet instead of a metal sharp tip.

You can play with the whole company, competing with friends.

Throwing darts contributes to the development of:

  • eye gauge;
  • accuracy;
  • accuracy of movements.


A walkie-talkie is a good way to involve a child in active games if, for example, he has been sitting at the computer for too long.

With these devices, children can:

  • to talk at a distance;
  • portray detectives;
  • be trackers, policemen, etc.

radio control toy

What to give a boy for 7 years
Any seven year old boy will love this gift.

A win-win option for a child of any age. Helicopter, plane, boat, minibus – you can choose any type of equipment. Without exaggeration, the toy will keep children busy for several hours. Often dads join the game.

And when the device breaks down or goes haywire, the little owner will wake up engineering abilities and research interest. Dismantling and repairing is sometimes more interesting than playing.

outdoor bowling

Home version of the popular entertainment, which is available in almost every entertainment center.

You can invite guests home to roll balls, knock down skittles and have fun. The lesson is suitable for a large company (you can divide into teams and keep score), and for the family circle.


A mobile and fun game, which is a rug spread on the floor.

In the classic version, bright circles are drawn on the rug (in four rows of six each). The task of the players is to position themselves on these circles with their hands and feet, depending on what falls on the die or card. The rules are simple, the emotions are positive.


Any manifestation of creativity should be supported and encouraged. With a gift, you can:

  • introduce the child to a new type of activity;
  • give a try in a new field;
  • support an already formed hobby.

Wood burning kit

You can only donate the burning device itself. However, in the set, in addition to the burner, there is not only plywood for drawing a picture, but also the scheme itself (a sketch of the image). This is very convenient for starting the creative process, especially if the child is not yet familiar with the burning technique.

3D puzzle

Children are very fond of collecting puzzles, especially if it is a full-fledged self-assembly of parts, which results in voluminous toys, interior items, souvenirs, etc.

Three-dimensional puzzles contribute to the development of:

  • imagination;
  • logic;
  • motility;
  • concentration of attention.


The simplest and most compact musical instrument that does not require classes in a music school. You can learn the game on your own.

Having mastered a few simple melodies, you can not only surprise a group of friends, but also feel like a musician.

Pencils for drawing on glass or fabric

These are not just sketchbook pencils. With their help, you can create a unique author’s thing.

Painting on glass, fabric, ceramics is becoming an increasingly popular activity. The main tool is a glassgraph – a chemical pencil with a wax rod. He is “not afraid” of water, so crafts can be washed and washed.

Pencils will allow the child with their own hands:

  • make a stand for hot;
  • draw a picture on a T-shirt;
  • make crafts.

light tablet

Another modern drawing tool. The tablet accumulates the glow and then reflects it for several hours.

With the help of such a presentation, you can not only have fun, but also learn. For example, practice spelling, learn letters and numbers.

model ship or plane

What to give a boy for 7 years old ideas
Assembling such a model will be a great joint pastime for father and son.

Such a gift can be the beginning of a new hobby, as well as an entire collection.

To make a sailboat, an airplane, a tank or other equipment with your own hands is equally creative and technical. In addition, you can collect both modern models and historical ones.

sweet tooth

Encouraging the love of sweets, of course, is not the best idea. But as an exception and to decorate the festive table – you can.

Cotton candy machine

Both sweetness and attraction at the same time! After all, making cotton candy yourself is no less exciting than eating it.

In addition, at any holiday, such a device will become a center of attraction for all children.


A small electrical appliance that stirs and cools milk formula. There are no ice crystals in the resulting ice cream, so its consistency is homogeneous.

With the help of the device, you can experiment with the composition of the delicacy, cook it as natural and healthy as possible.

Table candy machine

An original present for “getting” sweets: turned the handle clockwise and got chewing gum.

The machine can be filled with any small sweets, peanuts in chocolate, colored dragees.


If a boy loves to read and learn new things, if sometimes he talks like an adult, then the gift should be appropriate.


Subscribing to a children’s magazine, educational or literary, is a good idea, since such a gift will delight the child for several months or a whole year (depending on the subscription period).

You can also give a subscription to e-books if the child already knows how to read in this format.

Board game

A variety of “tables” allows you to choose a game according to the interests of the birthday boy:

  • “7 Wonders” – forms planning skills and accurate calculation;
  • “Dixit” – develops imagination and associative thinking;
  • “Monopoly” – for financial literacy and business strategy.

What to give “the one who has everything”

What to give a boy for 7 years
For those who do not know at all what to give, it is better to consult with the parents of the birthday man.

Here are 5 ideas for this occasion.

  1. Luminous shoelace. An unusual accessory for shoes will not only please the child, but also allow him to be the center of attention.
  2. Comic . At the age of seven, many boys are already interested in comics, “fan” on the characters of the games. The birthday boy will be happy to receive a comic book about his favorite hero. And if it is a comic composed and drawn about the birthday boy himself, he will become the main favorite of all the gifts!
  3. Photobook. There are many online printing services with ready-made templates, thematic spreads, as well as collages about your favorite characters. You can take photos of a summer trip or an eventful vacation, a trip to your grandmother or other memorable event and make a real book with comments.
  4. Inflatable pool . It is relevant under two conditions: if it is summer in the yard and if the family has a summer residence. It is not always possible to go to the sea in hot weather. It is much easier to put the pool, fill it with water and swim with pleasure!
  5. Impression. Give tickets to the theater, circus, zoo, master class. Or a little vacation trip. New impressions, emotions, expansion of horizons are provided. Important: the ticket must be not only for the child, but also for the parent.

Sometimes you want not originality, but practicality. Many people like their gift to be useful.

If you like to make practical gifts

Good options for a seven-year-old birthday boy.

  1. Bedding set. High-quality bed linen made from natural fabrics is the key to a good night’s sleep. If you choose a design and print in accordance with the boy’s hobbies, his favorite cartoon characters, then there is a chance to get into the top of the best gifts.
  2. Electric Toothbrush. Useful and practical present. When choosing, you should not chase after a lot of functions and modes, because often they are simply not needed.
  3. Beacon for finding things. If the boy often loses his keys, phone, etc., then the beacon will come in handy. It is enough to attach it to such a thing and connect it to the station via Bluetooth. When the item is lost, you need to click on the station. And if he is somewhere at home, he will quickly be found.
  4. Lamp. A variety of shapes and colors of lamps and nightlights create comfort in the children’s room. In addition, they can serve as an additional source of lighting at a desk or in a reading nook.
  5. Unusual alarm. If the birthday boy went to first grade, he will need an alarm clock. To make getting up early more enjoyable, you can pick up watches with unusual sounds, the dawn effect, peppy music or color accompaniment.

How to prepare a gift for a seven-year-old boy: 3 universal tips

  1. By the age of 7, the child already has his own preferences, desires and interests. Therefore, the easiest way is to ask him what he wants. Or, communicating with the child, take note of what he dreams of.
  2. Think about the gift ahead of time. Sometimes in the nearest stores there may not be the right present. And then you have to wait for delivery from another city.
  3. At this age, not only the gift is important, but also the atmosphere around it, as well as how it is presented. Take care of the balls and packaging. Create a sense of magic and mystery.

And let the holiday please the birthday man and his guests!


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