Compensation for school uniforms for families with many children

Compensation for school uniforms for families with many children

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Bringing one child to school is already quite a costly process. And if there are several children, the impact on the family budget becomes quite tangible. To help large families, the state has developed several financial support measures.

One of them is help in buying school uniforms. Families recognized as large families can receive it, and the conditions for registration and size vary depending on the region. Somewhere this is a subsidy that allows you to save on the purchase of clothes and stationery, and somewhere compensatory reimbursement for the cost of uniforms.

How much money is needed to prepare for school? And how can large families save money?

Child and school: how much money do you need

How to get school uniform reimbursement
School uniforms for children take up most of the budget set aside for preparing a child for school.

Every year, Rosstat calculates the amount needed to prepare a child for school. Last year’s statistics show that on average it is about 15,000 rubles for girls and about 20,000 rubles for boys. Of course, the specific amount depends on the region of residence. However, regardless of the subject of the Russian Federation (RF), most of the costs are spent on school uniforms.

Therefore, it is for the purchase of clothes that families with many children can receive financial assistance from the state. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the requirement to wear a uniform be indicated in the charter of the school. The main thing is to know who is entitled to compensation for school uniforms and how to properly issue it.

Payment amount in 2022

The main measures to support large families are determined by the regional authorities. Therefore, the amount of compensation will be different in each region. It is set by the local administration, taking into account:

  • demographic situation;
  • budget options;
  • level of social well-being.

In St. Petersburg, compensation for school uniforms for large families is 5,194 rubles, and in Moscow – 11,477 rubles.

To find out the exact amount of the payment in the region of residence, you should contact the local Department of Social Protection of the Population or the nearest MFC. They will also tell you about the basic requirements for the applicant, as well as about the documents that need to be prepared.

Who can get

Parents, guardians or caregivers who have three or more children of their own or adopted children can receive school uniform money. At the same time, at least one of the parents must be a citizen of Russia and have a residence permit in the region where the application is submitted.

You can get compensation for every child attending a school or college. Mandatory condition: the educational institution must be state-owned.

In most regions, such cash assistance is paid until the child reaches 18 years of age. But in some subjects of the Russian Federation (for example, in the Moscow region), the maximum age for receiving social benefits is 23 years. However, this compensation is possible only if the child studies full-time, and his family is still considered to have many children.

The main requirements for recipients, as well as the amount of payment, are determined by the administration of a particular subject of the Russian Federation. For example, in some regions such material assistance is provided only to families with five or more children. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify in advance all the requirements for applicants, as well as the list of required documents.

What documents are needed

A complete list of required documents is established by each specific region independently. But the main points are the same in all regions, namely:

  • passport, temporary identity card or other document confirming the identity of the applicant;
  • application for the purpose of payment;
  • birth or adoption certificate of each child or a document confirming guardianship;
  • documents confirming the citizenship of children;
  • certificate of marriage or divorce;
  • a document confirming that the baby is registered in the same place as the parent-applicant;
  • a certificate from the school where the child is studying or a certificate that he is enrolled in the first grade;
  • consent to the processing of personal data.

In the application, it is necessary to indicate the details of the bank account to which the money will be received. This information can be found in the bank’s mobile application or clarified at any of its branches. Additionally, certificates of income and family composition may be required.

Where to apply

Compensation for school uniform how to apply
You can submit documents online through the Gosuslugi portal or offline at the nearest MFC.

After all the documents have been collected, you should contact the nearest MFC or submit an application on the State Services portal. If this is not possible, documents may be sent by mail or transmitted through a legal representative. In the second case, it will be necessary to issue and prepare a power of attorney in advance. In some areas, you can also bring a package of documents to the local administration.

With any method of applying, the service is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay a fee.

When to Apply

The deadline for submitting an application is set individually by the administration of a particular region. As a rule, documents can be submitted throughout the year, but no later than December 5th. From the moment the application is submitted, the countdown begins for its consideration and the accrual of funds.

Deadline for consideration of the application and payment of money

After submitting the documents, the specialist checks the correctness of filling and the availability of all necessary papers. Then he makes a note that the application has been accepted. In the case of submitting documents online, the status of the application in the personal account changes.

After that, the documents are sent to the department of social protection, where they are checked again. Clarification requests are sent if necessary.

After consideration of the documents, a decision is made on the appointment of payment or refusal of the service. If there are no claims against the applicant, the money goes to his account. The denial of financial assistance is also reported.

The maximum time for consideration of the application depends on the method of submission of documents and the specific region. On average, it is 5-15 days from the date of application. During this time, a decision must be made on the appointment of payment or refusal to pay it. This period may be extended if:

  • the application is filled out incorrectly;
  • to verify the data, you need to make a request to certain authorities.

If the application for compensation is approved, the money will be credited to the account in 10-20 days. However, in some regions this period can be extended up to 2-3 months (depending on the availability of funds in the budget).

Grounds for refusal to pay

Benefits may be denied if:

  • the family is not large;
  • the child is not a citizen of the Russian Federation or is not registered at the place of residence of the parent who submitted the application;
  • the other parent has already applied for the service and received it;
  • the guardian or adoptive parent does not have documents confirming his status;
  • The submitted documents contain false information.

They can also refuse to receive money if the school itself purchases the school uniform. In this case, it is considered that indirectly the service has already been provided.

If any necessary documents are missing or the application is filled out incorrectly, the provision of the service is suspended. This does not mean that the payment will be refused, just the deadline for the performance of the service will be delayed. If the term for consideration of the application has expired, and the applicant has not received a response, you can file a complaint with the leadership of the Social Protection Department.

Can I appeal a denial?

If, in your opinion, the service was denied unlawfully or the consideration period was delayed, you can file a complaint against the actions or inaction of the Social Security department. This can be done on the portal “Gosuslugi” or through the MFC. The applicant has the right to complain if:

  • the deadline for registration of an application, its consideration or provision of a service has been violated;
  • a Social Security representative requires the submission of documents that are not specified in local or federal requirements for the purpose of payment;
  • authorities require payment for the provision of services;
  • a representative of the Social Security refuses to correct errors and typos in the decision to provide benefits;
  • consideration of the application is suspended for reasons that are not specified in the legislation.

After considering the complaint, the Social Security representative gives an answer on whether he agrees with it or not. If the claim has grounds, the response shall indicate the deadline for providing the result. If there are no violations, then the applicant is sent a reasoned refusal.

What can you spend money on

Compensation for school uniform what to spend on
The received compensation can be spent on school goods: stationery, textbooks and uniforms and other things the child needs at school.

The allowance for large families is issued for the purchase of:

  • school uniform;
  • sports suit;
  • clothing that a student needs;
  • stationery;
  • textbooks;
  • backpacks and other school supplies.

In most regions, it is not required to account for the money spent. However, in some constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Social Security Department may require receipts proving that the money really went to purchase goods for the child.

How often do you need to apply

In many subjects of the Russian Federation, payment for school uniforms is annual. But in some regions it is paid every three years. The frequency of application is regulated by the local administration.

  1. The only one. The parent only applies once. In this case, from 6 to 16 years old, money is credited automatically every year.
  2. Annual. From 16 to 18 years old, you must take a certificate from the school and submit documents every year.

However, even before the child reaches the age of 16, annual payments may be stopped.

In what cases can a payment be terminated?

Cash assistance will automatically end if:

  • the child has graduated from school or college;
  • the family is no longer considered large (other children are 18 years old);
  • the applicant with many children was deprived of parental rights or the child was adopted by another parent.

In the latter case, the new guardian or second parent must re-apply to the Social Security authorities for compensation, but in their own name.

Social payment for the purchase of school goods makes life easier not only for parents, but also for children. She helps:

  • smooth out financial disparities between students;
  • improve the atmosphere and even academic performance in educational institutions.

Now you can get this benefit without leaving your home. It is enough to complete all the documents in your personal account on the State Services portal.


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