Why dream of pregnancy

Why dream of pregnancy

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The dream of pregnancy in most interpretations has a positive meaning. However, different dream books interpret it differently. So, according to Miller, to see pregnancy – to well-being in business and success, and according to Tsvetkov – to deceit for a young girl, but a reason for pride for a mature woman.

We will try to understand the issue and consider all possible options.

General meaning of sleep

Why dream of pregnancy
A dreamed pregnancy does not always reflect the real state of affairs; dream books give a very different interpretation of such a dream.

Previously, it was believed that a dream is a reflection of reality. Did you see pregnancy in a dream? Wait for this and in reality. But psychologists say that the dream has a deeper meaning, and it lies in the subconscious.

Pregnancy is inner desires and intentions, the desire for approval and recognition, the thirst for love. According to popular beliefs, a dream promises financial well-being and success.

Let’s take a closer look at what each variation of sleep about pregnancy means.

see yourself pregnant

The meaning of sleep about your own pregnancy depends on age and social status.

  1. For a teenager . If a girl sees herself pregnant in a dream, then she is developed beyond her years in real life: reasonable, reasonable, diligent in her studies. She should expect success in love and business.
  2. For a girl, a dream portends a successful marriage. Most likely, the future spouse is a successful and influential person, which will help him fulfill any desires and whims of the young bride. The sleeper is waiting for wealth, interesting acquaintances and a new field of activity. But only thanks to the influence of her husband!
  3. For an unmarried woman. A sure sign of realization and good luck in the profession. It is worth working in the chosen field, and love will come with time. And loneliness does not threaten!
  4. For a married woman, a dream about pregnancy is a sign of family well-being. In some interpretations – to self-sacrifice for the sake of the interests of the husband or family. But in the future, all the work will be rewarded, and issues will be resolved in her favor.
  5. For a single woman. A harbinger of a romance with a persistent admirer. A man is likely to have serious intentions, and he will immediately want a family and children, which can be alarming at first.
  6. For a divorced woman. She is on the verge of flowering of female energy. Pregnancy is a sign of change and the return of self-confidence after a divorce, as well as awareness of one’s beauty and attractiveness.
  7. For a widowed woman. It is worth waiting for a meeting with a man. If the spouse died recently, there is a chance of receiving an inheritance that she did not suspect.
  8. For an old woman. She will be the center of attention at work, she is appreciated and respected, and soon a promotion and a leadership position are coming. For a retired woman, pregnancy is a symbol of a worthy and successfully lived life.

Frequent dreams about pregnancy mean dissatisfaction with yourself and unrealized opportunities. Make sure that you are doing what you love, and that a partner is nearby – your conscious choice. This is a sign to think about whether everything suits you in your own life.

Get pregnant in a dream

If you dreamed that you conceived a child naturally, some difficult and important issue for you will soon be resolved. Just be sure that you are right and look at everything with a smile.

If the pregnancy occurred without the participation of a man, immaculately – this is a sign of a difficult path to success. Those close to you do not support your intentions and ideas, so you will have to go to the goal alone. But your achievements will belong only to you!

Feel the signs of pregnancy

Why dream of pregnancy for a long time
A dream about pregnancy for a long time symbolizes success.


  • the belly is not visible , but you felt that you were pregnant – to a secret or an event that you want to hide;
  • nausea – to reconciliation with relatives or friends;
  • the delay is dreaming of a conversation that you have been putting off for a long time;
  • the baby kicks – success awaits you, the achievement of a long-awaited goal, and strong and painful jolts mean competition and a quick victory over rivals;
  • walking a lot in position – a meeting with an important person on whom your future depends;
  • running, jumping and dancing in a dream is a frivolous attitude to serious issues that deserve attention;
  • short term: an inconspicuous pregnancy in a dream can mean a quick profit from your favorite business, as well as compliments from strangers, jealousy from a chosen one, a meeting with an unusual person, disputes about art;
  • long term: pregnancy in the last months means success that you do not deserve.

Prediction by the days of the week: on Monday night – a triumph in society, on Tuesday – you will be flattered for selfish purposes, on Wednesday – take a chance and win, on Thursday – easy love, on Friday – pregnancy will come in reality, on Saturday – get stupid advice, on Sunday – an unexpected compliment.

And a few more options for pregnancy in a dream

  1. From a loved one. If you are carrying a husband’s child in a dream, your marriage will become stronger, and also expect pleasant surprises from your spouse. If you are simply romantically connected with the father of the child, perhaps your chosen one is very jealous.
  2. From a stranger. Do you remember who the father of the child is? This is a good sign that promises funny situations, bright events and a great mood. If in a dream you became pregnant from an unfamiliar man, changes await you. Which? It’s up to you to decide: change your hairstyle or go to live in another country.
  3. Long-awaited. If you dream of becoming a mother and saw in a dream that pregnancy has come, soon a miracle will happen in life. This means that your family is ready for the birth of a baby. You just need to be patient, and everything will happen by itself.
  4. Unexpected. Were you shocked by the news in a dream? So, in reality, you will be very surprised. An unexpected event will be a pleasant surprise: the arrival of relatives, a spontaneous trip or a gift, as well as a meeting with a man. Perhaps one of the fans will surprise you.
  5. Happy. Serenity and happiness in an “interesting position” promise a meeting with a loved one that you have been waiting for a long time. The care and love of loved ones, laughter and joy can speak of an imminent journey. If a husband shows attention in a dream, expect gifts in reality.

Interpretation in different dream books

Surprisingly, the same dream is explained differently in different cultures and by different dream specialists.


There are several interpretations here, namely:

  • unhappy marriage for a married woman;
  • possible shame;
  • shame on an innocent girl.

And if a woman is really in a position, sleep means a successful birth and the birth of a healthy child. Also, pregnancy dreams of revealing a secret that should have surfaced for a long time. Such a dream is an incentive to talk about what you have been hiding for a long time.


Changes in personal life, craving for something new or rethinking of current relationships.

For those of the fair sex who have long dreamed of becoming a mother, a dream promises long-awaited good news.

For a mature woman, a dream about pregnancy may portend a meeting with a young lover who will return her former femininity and sexuality.


Pregnancy dreams of minor financial problems and troubles. Also, such a dream may mean that soon there will be unforeseen expenses.


For a married woman:

  • joy;
  • meeting with relatives;
  • strengthening the family union;
  • possible life changes.

But for the girl – trouble and gossip behind her back.

For a childless woman, a dream promises a meeting with a frivolous man, and for a lady with children, a gathering of relatives at a large table and a discussion of a common cause.


For a pregnant woman: perhaps they want to deceive you or gossip behind your back.

For a woman, this dream speaks of success in society, a reason for pride. For a man – about the implementation of his plan in the near future. Seeing an unfamiliar pregnant woman is a nuisance.

Also, pregnancy in a dream can mean:

  • concern for loved ones;
  • anxiety for the child;
  • concern for the comfort and well-being of children.


This dream book prophesies to everyone who saw pregnancy in a dream, well-being and new financial opportunities.

For a girl in a relationship, this is a sign of healthy reproductive organs and a normal cycle.

Men see a pregnant woman if they are not satisfied with themselves and are disappointed with their sex life. This is an opportunity to change something and change yourself.

Islamic dream book

For an innocent girl and a lonely woman, a dream portends an imminent marriage. And for an elderly lady, this is an occasion to think about her health, since pregnancy at the “silver age” dreams of illness.

“Silver age” is the age of people from 60 and older. The concept, of course, is relative, like the figure itself, but it is assumed that the “silver age” is reached by a person with a lot of life experience behind him.

For a man, a wife who is pregnant in a dream promises good news and money.

Lunar dream book

For a young girl to see herself pregnant is a deception, trouble.

For a woman in marriage and age – well-being, stability and joy.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The soothsayer believed that the most important factor was the age of the sleeping woman.

For young girls and women, a dream predicts a good relationship with a man, love and happiness.

For older ladies, the meaning is the opposite: illness and even death.

If a man dreamed of pregnancy

Why does a man dream of pregnancy
If your spouse had a dream about pregnancy, then such a dream portends a successful career.

For men, such a dream portends a successful career and financial well-being.

For an adult male

The dream symbolizes an influential woman who is interested in him and can provide support: both moral and material. In life, this is a wife, girlfriend or relative who is ready to help.

For a young guy

Seeing an unfamiliar pregnant woman is a success for girls, as well as increased attention and fleeting hobbies.

If you dreamed about your beloved in an “interesting position”, you should think about a serious relationship and creating a family. Perhaps the girl is already pregnant or will soon become pregnant.

Other interpretations

A relative in position – for marriage or a major event.

Seeing a stranger is a career advancement.

To see a group of pregnant women is to make a fateful decision.

Pregnant wife. If the child is from her husband, then to prosperity and money. If from another man – to losses and quarrels.

Kissing a pregnant woman is an unexpected success, a win.

Stroking on the stomach – to reconciliation and good relations with parents or relatives.

Alien pregnancy

Seeing a pregnant woman in a dream is a hassle. But what they will be – pleasant or not very, depends on other circumstances:

  • boss in position to promotion;
  • to see a relative – expect a profit or a valuable gift, a meeting with a loved one;
  • neighbor – she speaks badly about you, envies, hypocrites;
  • a stranger – to envy: if she is beautiful, you can overcome all difficulties, if ugly – to laziness and empty talk;
  • an inconspicuous and simple girl in modest clothes symbolizes stability and a quiet, measured life, so you should not expect bright events yet.
Why dream of someone else's pregnancy
Seeing a pregnant relative or girlfriend in a dream – for profit or gifts.

Unusual situations in a dream about pregnancy

  1. Naked and pregnant. This dream speaks of a strained relationship with someone close. You know it’s time to talk, but you don’t dare. If you find yourself naked among a crowd of people, you can effectively and easily get out of a delicate situation, and also win over those around you.
  2. Animal pregnancy. You need to be more comfortable with minor issues. You get upset over trifles.
  3. Run a marathon. You need to take a break. You are taking on too much.
  4. See two stripes . Soon a new phase of life will begin. You have achieved a lot. However, it is worth continuing to grow and work on yourself.
  5. To equip a nursery – for a move or a long trip.
  6. A fabulous or fantastic beast in the stomach. Such a dream – to worries and health concerns. You need to see a doctor.
  7. Tell your parents – to the joy and meeting with relatives.
  8. Tell your friends – for the holiday, party and fun .
  9. To preen – to go out.
  10. See yourself in the mirror. Love your reflection? This means getting rid of complexes and self-love, self-acceptance. Perhaps soon you will acquire good habits, go in for sports and start eating right. If you didn’t like the reflection, it means that you are not really satisfied with yourself in reality. It’s time to change this and love yourself: either like this, or correct the shortcomings.

Expert opinion

Psychologists say that a dream about pregnancy is a reflection of subconscious desires, plans for the future and ideas about yourself.

A pregnant woman is vulnerable, but at the same time she is endowed with the power to continue life and is filled with energy. And the state of a person depends on what kind of energy it is. If you love yourself, appreciate and are satisfied with your life, pregnancy, even in a dream, will be prosperous and happy. And if something does not suit you, the “interesting position” can bring shame, inconvenience and discomfort.

A dream about pregnancy is an occasion to listen to yourself, to think about what you really want and how you see yourself. This is a symbol of new prospects and career success, financial opportunities and high achievements. And you can do it! It is enough to choose the right path and be patient.


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