How to set yourself up for training after childbirth and not lose motivation

How to set yourself up for training after childbirth and not lose motivation

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What will really help a woman tune in to training after childbirth? How to include physical activity in the daily routine and not lose motivation?

These questions are answered by Olga Baikina , the creator of the Inside Out women’s fitness system. She is the only coach of the DeGasquet Institute in Russia, as well as the author of the book “Pumping the press should be prohibited!”.

What rules must be followed?

Postpartum workouts how to get back in shape
Restoring the body after childbirth is not an easy task, the main thing is not to get hung up and do it regularly.

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting and joyful moments in a woman’s life. And in order to restore your body after childbirth without harm to health, but with the desired effect, I advise you to follow four important rules, namely:

  • give the body time for initial recovery;
  • take good care of yourself;
  • do not get hung up on the desire to lose as many kilograms as possible;
  • engage in physical activity regularly.

Each of these rules will be discussed in more detail below.

Rule #1

The first months after childbirth are a special period not only in the life of the baby, but also of the mother. The desire to get the body in shape as soon as possible, to lose extra pounds, of course, is understandable. And women in this case are usually prone to two extremes: start training as soon as possible or, conversely, postpone classes until later. The latter often happens because mothers do not find time for themselves in the daily routine.

You can’t rush into training, because by starting them immediately after giving birth, you can harm yourself and lose motivation in the very early stages. But this process is also not worth “putting off indefinitely”. Classes according to our system are possible already 1.5-2 months after the birth of the baby (regular fitness is allowed only after 6 months!).

If a woman has doubts or complications after childbirth, it is possible (and necessary!) to obtain permission from the attending physician for a load of the type of general physical training ( GPP ), which corresponds to our training system.

Rule number 2. To yourself – gently. And with gratitude.

How to get back in shape after giving birth
Follow a comfortable exercise regimen and take care of your body and health

The most common question that women ask me immediately after giving birth is: “How can I lose weight, return my body to its previous shape?”. I answer that it is the body that gives us the opportunity to live a full, active life! It gave life to a new person, and happiness to us. And we want to get rid of “him”… It turns out unfairly… Do you agree? Therefore, if you introduce a healthy lifestyle ( HLS ), then only with gratitude to your body, in order to help it become better.

Try to treat yourself carefully, do not work for the “strong-willed”. But do not be lazy, stay demanding of yourself. Then training will become part of your life. Only such an approach to classes will help maintain motivation, and the desired result will not be long in coming.

Not all women can set themselves up for daily activities. My students note that once they start classes, it’s hard to train every day. However, many of them still try to do 3-4 workouts every week. With this approach, after 2 weeks they do 5-6 times. In addition, many new mothers like that the training time is minimal, and the exercise format is not only simple, but also effective.

Rule #3

Most likely, the first “pleasant” numbers on the scales will have to wait. At such times, willpower can fail. In addition, it is an exhaustible resource. My mother once told me: “A healthy lifestyle should not replace life itself.” And I apply this principle in my work.

The main task is to love the process itself. Then the body will “request” activity again and again. Therefore, it is important to notice not kilograms and centimeters, but such daily changes as:

  • improvement of general well-being;
  • cheerfulness and activity during the day;
  • freer breathing;
  • fresh blush (external attractiveness);
  • healthy sleep;
  • increasing the level of self-organization;
  • strength and tone of the body, freedom and ease of movement, flexibility;
  • satisfaction with what is already achieved.

Agree, all of the above is very nice! Therefore, you should not focus only on kilograms and centimeters.

Rule number 4. Regular physical activity

Which is better: to do a little bit every day or 2 times a week, sparing no effort? Here it is impossible to answer unambiguously. It is important to incorporate exercise into daily habits such as showering. In particular, my students, studying on the course for only 10-30 minutes a day, noted that after a while, training became their best habit, which (and this is the most important!) was formed without fanaticism and exhaustion.

Training after childbirth how not to lose motivation
Choosing physical activity to your liking will help you to exercise regularly and comfortably.

But to form this habit, you need to choose physical activity to your liking. Examples:

  • regular short workouts with simple equipment;
  • classes on simulators or without them (with a ball, belt, etc.);
  • fitball ;

Fitball – a large elastic ball from 45 to 95 cm in diameter, used for aerobics. Fitball exercises work most muscle groups, help correct posture, improve coordination, and increase flexibility.

  • favorite sport (swimming, yoga);
  • participation in amateur competitions (team spirit helps to make training regular);
  • 6 weeks course “Flat stomach in 20 minutes a day.”
  • something completely new for you personally: pull-ups on the horizontal bar, handstand (on one arm?), salsa .

Salsa is a graceful dance, a champion of street sophistication. A combination of overflowing emotions and trepidation.

An effective system for keeping motivation

And when there is an interest in any physical activity, it will be much easier to keep the motivation. General principles add up to a system called OAK.

D is discipline. Only it helps to achieve real and serious results in sports, work and in other areas. Thanks to regular training, my student’s diastasis decreased from 2-2-1 to 1-1.5-0.5 in 1.5 months after the second birth. And there are many such examples in my practice.

Diastasis is a divergence of the abdominal muscles, which does not threaten the health and life of a woman, but affects the appearance. Instead of the term “diastasis”, expressions such as: “divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles”, “stretching of the abdomen” or “weakening of the abdominal muscles” are often used.

Do not confuse discipline with willpower. Workouts built solely on perseverance often lead to breakdowns and irritation.

U is pleasure. Ask yourself: “What gives me strength and joy in life? Dancing, cycling, yoga or the pool? During pleasant classes, you get high, so you go to training with pleasure.

B – balance. Training should give strength and energy, not take them away. What will bring more benefit: hour-long classes in the gym or 20-minutes at home? Of course, systematic training will be more effective.

I recommend developing a plan that you can D-discipline and F-fun .

Useful life hacks

Training after childbirth useful tips and life hacks
Regular exercise is not only a way to restore your body after childbirth, but also a great option for a healthy lifestyle.

Simple ways to increase activity and get the body in shape.

  1. Walk! And be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Of course, one rise will not pump up elastic buttocks. But a daily walk up and down will give a tangible result in a couple of months.
  3. When working in the office or doing household chores, use every opportunity to take a walk, breathe.
  4. Standing at a bus stop or playground, rise on your toes and drop your heels. This simple exercise greatly accelerates the lymph.
  5. Work alternately either sitting or standing on the fitball.
  6. Take advantage of sitting. Maintaining a straight back position is quite energy-intensive. Sit on your sit bones, resting your feet on the floor (or a bench), stretch your crown to the ceiling. To make it easier to sit and keep your back straight, place pillows under your lower back.

It is also very convenient to do diaphragmatic breathing in this position. It helps not only to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and eliminate diastasis, but also to improve digestion and posture.

Treat yourself with care. Do not hurry. Praise yourself constantly for your accomplishments. Make physical activity a good habit. And housework and baby care will not be its replacement. Incorporate full workouts into your daily routine gradually. Be sure to listen to your body’s needs. And he will thank you!


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