What to give a child for 2 years

What to give a child for 2 years

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You can choose the right thing for a little birthday boy for any budget. At two years old, a child does not yet understand the difference between an expensive and a cheap toy. And he will be equally delighted with a simple drawing set and an interactive doll.

A complex technical device is definitely not worth giving. “Smart” toys must necessarily correspond to the age of the crumbs, otherwise he will just get bored and forget about them for a long time. At this age, children are interested in everything around and rarely have certain preferences in terms of toys.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, and to give something that the baby will like, we offer options for suitable presents for every taste.

Development of the imagination

Gift for a child for 2 years
Small children will be happy to roll the stroller, repeating after their mother.

At 2 years old, the child actively explores the world through games. Therefore, one of the ways to please him is to give a bright toy that will develop his fantasy and imagination.

  1. A puppet theater with characters from your favorite fairy tale or cartoon will help your little one come up with new adventures for familiar characters. And parents with the help of such a gift will be able to explain “on the fingers” how best to act in different situations.
  2. Baby doll in a stroller will appeal not only to girls. Boys will be happy to roll the toy, trying on the role of dad or older brother.
  3. A set of toy medical instruments is perfect for playing doctor. The child can act both as a doctor and as a patient. With the right scenario, such a game will help explain to the child that there is nothing wrong with visiting a doctor.
  4. Toy household appliances will make the baby feel like an adult. For example, when he, following his mother, will load clothes into a toy washing machine or iron clothes with his iron.
  5. Magnetic puzzles and a magnetic board are an excellent simulator for developing imagination. With the help of different characters and scenery, the child will be able to create exciting stories and play scenes.

Speech development

Some kids at 2 years old are talking with might and main, while others still say only a few words. Toys for the development of speech are equally suitable for those children who have already spoken, and for those who do not yet pronounce words clearly. They will help to form the correct pronunciation and stimulate speech development.

  1. Talking and musical books: alphabet, fairy tales, songs from cartoons, poems. With their help, the child will quickly memorize sounds and words, and also try to repeat them.
  2. Special cards for the development of speech: onomatopoeia, counting rhymes, nursery rhymes. Such games not only replenish the vocabulary, but also help prevent speech therapy problems in the future.
  3. Interactive musical toys are a good way to learn while playing. Usually the baby is asked to repeat letters and words, name colors or objects. All this contributes to the simultaneous development of several skills at once.

fine motor skills

What to give a child for 2 years
Games with the designer develop not only fine motor skills, but also logical thinking.

The development of fine motor skills favorably affects the memory, attention, thinking and speech of a baby at 2 years old.

  1. Constructor . Develops not only fine motor skills, but also logic and imagination. Toddlers can spend hours fiddling with bright details, constructing different structures.
  2. Sorter . Arranging the figures according to shapes, colors and sizes trains memory and attention well.
  3. Plasticine or kinetic sand . Good idea for a budget gift. The stores offer a huge selection of different models: ball, soft, hard. An excellent addition to it will be molds for curly modeling.
  4. Lacing . An inexpensive gift that will captivate the baby for a long time. It can be a figurine with holes through which you need to thread a string or beads with a rope. The main thing is that the details are not very small, otherwise the child may swallow them through negligence.
  5. Finger paints with an album or whatman paper will appeal to young artists. They will help in the study of colors, the development of imagination and creativity.

intellectual development

A two-year-old baby is already beginning to show a conscious interest in his toys. This age is great for getting to know the first puzzles. The main thing is to choose them by age. And you can give both expensive and more budget options.

  1. Puzzles and dominoes develop logic, ingenuity and perseverance. In addition, this is a good way not only to spend time with the child, but also to strengthen the emotional connection.
  2. Cubes of Nikitin . Special cubes for folding different patterns and pictures. They contribute to the development of attention, logic and focus. The difficulty of the game can be increased as the baby grows.
  3. A developing phone or tablet will help in learning colors, letters, numbers. You can find a toy with the characters of your kid’s favorite cartoon to make learning more fun for him.
  4. A set of educational books . Useful and entertaining gift for children.
  5. A set of vegetables and fruits with Velcro will help the little one find parts of one object, develop logic and distinguish colors.

Physical development

Sports equipment is a great idea for active kids.

  1. A bicycle or balance bike not only develops coordination and endurance, but also gives the kids a lot of pleasant emotions.
  2. The scooter is also great for little athletes. It is lighter than a bicycle, so it will be convenient for mom to take it for a walk.
  3. A trampoline is not the cheapest present. It is more suitable for those who live in a private house, as it takes up a lot of space.
  4. Pool with balls . Favorite children’s entertainment!
  5. Balance. Develops coordination and balance, improves brain function and strengthens muscles.
  6. Tent with a tunnel will help the kid feel like a real explorer, as well as develop fantasy and imagination.
  7. Home or outdoor swings will take the crumbs for a long time. The main thing is not to forget about safety rules.
  8. The Swedish wall will help instill a love for sports from an early age. This is a great trainer for developing agility, balance and coordination.
  9. A ball with a basket or a ring will develop accuracy and attention.
What to give a child for 2 years
Active kids will enjoy riding a scooter or a children’s tricycle.

creative development

At two years old, children are fond of everything: music, modeling, drawing. Appropriate toys can help them develop their talents. What can you give the baby in this case?

  1. Musical toys. Harmonious instruments, microphones with your favorite songs, music books will help develop your ear and imagination.
  2. Markers, pencils, paints. A set for a young artist can be assembled independently or bought ready-made.
  3. Sets for creativity and needlework.

What book to choose as a gift

Two-year-olds are no longer just looking at bright pictures in books. They try to understand the plot, listen to their mother’s voice while reading and recognize fairy tale characters. A good book will be a great gift idea for a baby and will instill in him a love of reading from an early age.

At this age, the child increasingly asks his mother to read him a fairy tale, comments on the story with pleasure and empathizes with the main characters. What book to give? And what should you pay attention to?

  1. Paper . The tighter it is, the better. So there is a higher chance that the child will not be able to accidentally break it.
  2. Illustrations . Bright, colorful, without aggressive “acid” colors. Pictures should be clear, not cause fear and rejection in the child.
  3. Content . Anything that is interesting to the baby. It can be fairy tales, poems, riddles, stories about animals or fables. It is better if the text has a positive message and morality. So the child will learn kindness, justice and compassion.

Top 10 gifts for a girl

At 2 years old, girls begin to copy their mother’s behavior and pay a lot of attention to their appearance. They like to show off in front of a mirror, try on adult outfits and hear praise.

You can give little birthday girls:

  • stylish accessories (elastic bands, hairpins, bows, handbags, etc.);
  • baby doll with pacifier and bottle;
  • dressing table;
  • children’s cosmetics (choose well-known and high-quality brands);
  • a set of a cook or a hairdresser;
  • beautiful dolls;
  • Dollhouse;
  • accessories for dolls;
  • toy pet;
  • children’s kitchen.

Top 10 gifts for a boy

Boys at 2 years old also copy the behavior of adults. They will be happy to help dad with repairs, chase the ball with him and play outdoor games.

Suitable gifts for little boys will be:

  • robots;
  • radio control machine;
  • a set of toy tools;
  • parking or track with cars;
  • Railway;
  • a set of police or firefighters;
  • pistols with soft cartridges;
  • toy vehicles (cars, tractors, tanks, planes, ships);
  • figurines of your favorite superheroes;
  • musical wheel.

Universal gift for a child for 2 years

If your eyes run wide from the choice of toys in stores, you can present the birthday man with a universal and useful thing. This gift is suitable for both girls and boys.

You can donate:

  • bed sheets;
  • rack for toys;
  • table and chair;
  • night light with a projector;
  • play mat;
  • a beautiful umbrella and rubber boots;
  • paper house coloring book;
  • toy camera;
  • a set of toys for bathing;
  • musical dance mat;
  • decorative wall stickers.

DIY gifts

Busyboard as a gift for 2 years
You can not only buy a business board in a children’s store, but also make it yourself from details that are interesting to the baby.

You can please the crumbs with the help of a homemade present. Let him still not be able to appreciate its uniqueness, but he will definitely be delighted with such a useful and bright gift as:

  • sewn or knitted soft toy (especially if it is the hero of your favorite cartoon);
  • a business board with complex mechanisms (simple options will no longer be interesting at this age);

A business board is a wooden board on which various elements for the development of fine motor skills of a baby are securely fixed. The set of elements can be very different: buttons, valves, wheels, locks, doors, gears, switches, etc.

  • soft book made of materials of different textures and shapes;
  • wooden puzzles, lotto, toys based on fairy tales.

What not to give

You need to be very careful when choosing a gift for your baby. What is the best gift to refrain from buying?

  1. Any sweets. The baby may have allergies or other health problems.
  2. Large soft toys. Most likely, the child will not play with them, and they will only collect dust in the room.
  3. Clothes or shoes. Such “practical” things are more likely to please the parent of the birthday boy than himself.
  4. Pet . At this age, children will not yet be able to take care of him on their own. In addition, the pet will be perceived as a toy.
  5. Toys with small or sharp parts. And those that may contain hazardous dyes and other chemicals. Therefore, it is better not to save on modeling dough or plasticine, but to choose products of well-known large brands.
  6. Fragile interior items or utensils. A child can easily break such things and get hurt.
  7. Toys that make too loud sounds. They can scare the little one.
  8. Hygiene products: diapers, toothpaste, wet wipes. Such ordinary things are unlikely to please the little one.

Do not give money or gift certificates. Even if parents later buy a toy for them, the impression of the gift will not be the same.

It is better to buy any toys in special children’s stores, where sellers can provide all the necessary evidence of product quality. Cheap and low-quality items (even on a modest budget) are best avoided, as they not only break very quickly, but can be dangerous for young children.

Do you need packaging

Gift for a child for 2 years what to buy
Wrapping paper will add a sense of celebration, and unpacking rustling packaging will also be fun.

On the second birthday, the kids already understand that this is exclusively their holiday. The pleasure of a child from the anticipation of a gift is no less than from receiving a cherished toy. Therefore, beautiful festive packaging is an indispensable element of a joyful event.

Wrapping paper, a beautiful package or original design will add a sense of fun and celebration. Consider gift wrapping ahead of time. It should be such that the birthday person can easily open it himself.

It must be remembered that all children are different, and what one child likes may not interest another at all. Therefore, before buying a present, it is better to ask the parents of the crumbs about his interests and hobbies. Make a list of a few items that fit your budget and see if the birthday boy has similar toys. So you will definitely be able to please him with a desired and useful gift.


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