Birth certificate of a child: where, when and how to get

Birth certificate of a child: where, when and how to get

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The birth certificate is the main document of the child, which must be obtained after discharge from the hospital. Until the age of 14, that is, until the moment you receive a passport, it will be the main identity card of a small citizen.

This document is extremely important because it confirms the birth of a child on a specific day and in a specific place. In addition, only the birth certificate contains information about the parents, so their citizenship can be used to judge the citizenship of the child.

A birth certificate must be kept throughout a person’s life. It can be useful when registering an inheritance, losing a passport, etc.

Why do you need a birth certificate

Birth certificate
Birth certificate – the main document of a child under 14 years old

This document is required for:

  • obtaining other documents: SNILS, medical policy, TIN;
  • registration and registration, as well as real estate ownership;
  • receiving benefits and payments;
  • issuance of travel tickets.

When do I need to get a child’s birth certificate?

It is necessary to apply for registration of the document within 30 days from the date of birth of the baby. But in some cases, it is allowed to register a child who has reached the age of one year or older.

Even an adult citizen can apply for a certificate if he has not received it before.

The State recommends issuing a certificate within the first 30 days of a newborn’s life. But there is no penalty for those who did it later. However, without a birth certificate, it will be impossible to obtain other important documents.

Who can apply for registration of the birth of a child

You can apply:

  • parents (mother or father) of the child;
  • a representative of the parents (one of the parents), acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney;
  • an adult who does not have and has not received a birth certificate, as well as whose birth has not been registered until now;
  • medical workers, employees of guardianship or internal affairs bodies (in the absence of parents and their representatives).

Where can I get a birth certificate

The birth certificate is issued by the following authorities:

  • registry office at the place of permanent or temporary registration of parents;
  • registry office at the place of residence of the parents or one of the parents;
  • MFC in Russia or the center of public services “My Documents”.

In Moscow, a birth certificate can be obtained at the maternity hospital upon discharge. However, this service is not available in all regions of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the document can be obtained online through the State Services portal.

What documents are needed

1. Application (when applying in person).

2. Documents proving the identity of the parents (or one of the parents, if the child has only a mother or father). For example, a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

3. For parents’ representatives :

  • passport or other identity document;
  • a power of attorney in the event that the parent cannot apply with the application himself.

4. For guardians , employees of internal affairs and social service bodies:

  • the passport;
  • a document that gives the right to receive a birth certificate of a child.

5. Document , which is the basis for state registration of birth. For example, a certificate from the maternity hospital indicating the parents, as well as the time and place of birth.

6. A document confirming the consent of the surrogate mother (in the case of the birth of a child through surrogate motherhood).

7. The document that is the basis for entering information about the father. For example, a marriage certificate with the child’s mother.

8. In some cases, additional documents may be required.

Information to be entered on the birth certificate

Who is the father of the child

How to get a birth certificate
A single mother has the right to choose whether to indicate the name of the father in the appropriate box or not.

If the parents are married , then the mother ‘s husband is indicated as the father .

If the parents are not married , the alleged father of the child (with the consent of the mother) has the right to establish paternity. After confirming the fact of biological relationship, his name will be entered in the “father” column of the child’s birth certificate.

Establishing paternity is permitted during, after and in exceptional cases before the registration of the child’s birth. A married man can establish paternity for a child born out of wedlock.

If the birth of a child is registered by a single mother, she has the right to choose whether or not to fill in the “father” column in the birth certificate. You can put a pass in this line or indicate the name and patronymic of the child’s father, and leave the mother’s surname. Sometimes the father of the mother is indicated as the father, that is, in fact, the grandfather of the registered child.

If the mother of the child is divorced , but less than 10 months (300 days) have passed since the dissolution of the marriage, her ex-husband is considered the father of the child by law. He is listed as the father on the birth certificate. Moreover, it does not matter whether he is the real biological father of the child and whether the mother agrees with this. Subsequently, paternity can be challenged in court. After the evidence is presented, the child’s birth document will be amended.

If the child was not born from the ex-husband and the real father is ready to establish paternity before receiving a birth certificate, the man who established paternity will be entered in the document.

Name, patronymic / mating name and surname of the child

Birth certificate how to fill out
Double surnames must be the same for siblings.

The name of the child is given by the parents of their choice and desire, and it is written from their words during the registration of the birth certificate. It is forbidden to use numbers and other symbols in the name, except for letters. The exception is the hyphen for double names. For example, Anna Maria. Also, you can not add numerals (first, second) and indications of positions, ranks and titles to the name. It is forbidden to use swear words.

Unusual baby names in 2021. Boys: August, Sever, Bronislav, Harry, Mars, Zeus, Cosmos, Luke Pavlo, Elizar, Lionel. Girls: Malvina, Radoslava, Yasna-Lyudmila, Freya, Delfina, Ariel, Muse, Blush, Fevronia, Martha.

The surname of the child during registration is indicated according to the surname of the parents. If it does not match, then by agreement of the parents, the child is given the surname of the father, mother, or a double surname formed by joining the surnames of the father and mother to each other in any sequence.

Siblings must have the same double last name. The double surname of the child may consist of no more than two words, connected when written with a hyphen.

The patronymic is given by the name of the father or written down from the words of a single mother. It could be the name of a grandfather or a relative.

Matching can be given to a child by a single mother if her name is declined accordingly, creating a familiar and sonorous combination. For example, Alexandra, Eugene or Valentina. However, in exceptional cases matronyms may also be used.

A matronym is a personal name based on the name of a mother, grandmother, or any female ancestor. This is the female equivalent of a patronymic. For example, in the Kaluga region, a girl was registered with the middle name Maryevna.

Place of Birth

The place of birth indicates the actual place where the child was born: city, village, village. If a woman gave birth to a child on a ship, ship, plane, bus or train during its passage, then the place of state registration of the birth of the child is indicated by the place of birth of the child.

Procedure for obtaining a birth certificate: step by step

1. Upon discharge from the maternity hospital, receive a medical certificate of birth of the child – a certificate that contains information about the parents, place and date of birth of the baby.

If the baby was not born in a medical institution, make a statement of a birth witness who can confirm the birth of the baby.

2. Prepare the rest of the necessary documents ( see the paragraph “What documents will be needed”).

3. Contact the nearest office: registry office, MFC, My Documents center. Or leave an application online through the State Services portal.

4. Fill out an application for registering a child, enter all the necessary information.

5. Get your birth certificate when you are notified that it is ready.

If it is possible to choose a registry office for registering a birth, then the decision is made by the parents themselves.

How to register the birth of a child through the State Services portal: step by step

How to get a birth certificate through public services
An electronic birth certificate can only be obtained by the mother of the child.

Can apply online married parents or single mother.

1. Log in to your personal account on the State Service portal.

2. Select: Family section, Birth Registration tab.

3. Click Start.

4. Decide what kind of certificate you want to receive – paper or electronic.

Only the mother of a child can apply for an electronic document.

5. When receiving a paper document , indicate whether the father and mother of the child are married. After that, following the prompts in the menu, proceed to fill out the application.

6. Check the personal data and confirm it by clicking “Correct”. If any information needs to be changed, click “Edit”.

7. Confirm:

  • phone number, email address;
  • previously added address (or enter a new permanent/temporary registration address).

8. Column ” Nationality “Fill in at will (it is not a mandatory item).

9. If you have a marriage certificate, indicate its number and date of issue.

10. Enter the child’s details from the medical certificate.

11. Indicate the last name, first name and patronymic / match name child.

12. Enter the place and date of his birth.

13. Choose a registry office where it will be convenient for you to receive a birth certificate, as well as an appointment time.

14. Enter the details of the second parent . If the child has a father, indicate his date of birth, email, SNILS and click the “Invite” button.

15. Send an electronic application to the registry office.

16. Get your child’s birth certificate from the designated department.

Is it possible to restore a birth certificate and how to do it

If the certificate is lost, damaged or torn, it is necessary to restore it or obtain a copy. The original form of the document will no longer be valid, so the new certificate will be a duplicate.

What to do: step by step

1. Pay a fee . There is no penalty for damage or loss of documents. However, you will have to pay a state fee for registration in the amount of 350 rubles.

Through the State Services portal it will be cheaper – 245 rubles, since there is a 30% discount.

2. Apply to the registry office at the place of birth or actual place of residence of a minor citizen.

4. Fill out an application for the restoration of the child’s birth certificate.

5. Submit documents:

  • parents’ passports;
  • marriage or divorce certificate;
  • receipt for payment of state duty.

In the absence of family relations between the parent and the child, the applicant submits an adoption document.

6. Get a duplicate of the document when you receive notification of its readiness .

A copy of the birth certificate can be obtained on the day of application. However, this is only possible if the application is submitted to the registry office where the child was originally registered. If you have to restore the document through another territorial division of the registry office, the procedure will take longer, since it will be necessary to send the finished form.

A birth certificate is an important and necessary document for your child. It is better to issue it immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital. It is useful not only for obtaining other documents, but also in various life situations. Treat the document with care. Birth certificates cannot be laminated. And so that it retains its appearance and is not lost, it can be placed in a separate folder with a file insert.


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