From simple to complex: quizzes for kids

From simple to complex: quizzes for kids

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Quizzes are useful for children. With their help, the child can test his knowledge in a fun way. Encourage children to learn more. Topics can be varied: about animals, fairy tales, logic, developing, mathematics.

You can conduct quizzes at any convenient time: at school and at home, on vacation, while traveling. This method of activity, if the quizzes are funny, can be included in the program of a home holiday, for example, a children’s birthday.

Preparing for a quiz takes time, usually at least a day. Therefore, do not postpone this work until the last hours before the holiday.

In order for the intellectual game to be interesting to all participants, you need to know at least approximately what the children are passionate about. If a part plays computer games, and the other prefers outdoor activities, you need to choose something in common. Otherwise, half of the participants will get bored.

How to prepare for the quiz

Quizzes for kids
Quiz questions should be age appropriate. Photo: © Ksenia Chernaya / pexels

For the quiz, you will need several sheets of paper on which you will print the questions.

Copy the questions and print them on the printer.

Cut the questions into strips and put them in a container where the children will take out the leaves.

Quiz types

The quiz can be thematic and combined. If you choose a topic, you must be sure that it is of interest to the participants. If there is a risk that the topic is not close to all children, do not risk it – make it a team by choosing questions on different topics.

Kids may like these quizzes:

  • literary;
  • cartoon;
  • about popular characters.

If you have an intellectual team that is passionate about the exact sciences, collect questions from mathematics. It is always interesting to “break” your head over questions.

We have collected quizzes with answers for children of different ages and varying degrees of difficulty.

For children 5-6 years old

Children who love to read and are fond of the world around them will cope.

  1. Which unusual fairytale boy had a long nose? (Pinocchio)
  2. Who is called the “king of beasts”? (A lion)
  3. How many legs does a spider have? (8 paws)
  4. How many months in a year? (12 months)
  5. What month does spring start? (Since March)
  6. What month does winter start from? (From December)
  7. What month does autumn start from? (From september)
  8. What month does summer start from? (From June)
  9. What is frozen water called? (Ice)
  10. How many colors are in the rainbow (7 colors)

For children 7–10 years old

Quizzes for kids with answers
Quizzes for children 7-10 years old should be for memory, attentiveness and thinking. Photo: © Artem Podrez / pexels

Here are tasks for logical thinking, knowledge of literature and the basics of social science.

  1. Name the colors of the stripes on the Russian flag. (White blue red)
  2. Who ate the grasshopper in the song from the cartoon “The Adventures of Dunno”? (Frog)
  3. What bird in the forest does not have its own nest? (At the cuckoo)
  4. What color is obtained when red and yellow are combined? (Orange)
  5. Which bird has forty “A” in its name? (Magpie)
  6. What character in the fairy tale of Eduard Uspensky fired from a slingshot? (Old Woman Shapoklyak)
  7. Both people and ships have it (Nose)
  8. He will come running and hide the sun, and then he will cry again (Cloud)
  9. There are seven brothers in the calendar – 5 work and 2 rest. What’s this? (A week)
  10. What is an adult vacation called? (Vacation)

Quiz based on the works of K. I. Chukovsky

This thematic quiz on the most famous works of the author. We cited only this author as an example. It will be interesting for children to answer questions about the works of A. S. Pushkin, Russian folk tales, poems by Agnia Barto.

  1. Who put out the fire in the fairy tale “Confusion”? (Butterfly)
  2. Why did the dishes escape from Fedora? (Fedora didn’t wash the dishes)
  3. What fairy tale is this from: “I’m for a candle – a candle in the stove, I’m for a book, that one – run and jump under the bed”? (Moidodyr)
  4. What is the name of the fairy tale in which the crocodile swallowed the sun (“The Stolen Sun”)
  5. Which story is the opposite? (“Confusion”)
  6. What did the elephant ask for in the poem-tale “Telephone”? (Chocolate)
  7. Who saved the animals from the evil cockroach? (Sparrow)
  8. Which hero was a terrible villain, and then re-educated? (“Barmaley”)
  9. What do mosquitoes fly in the fairy tale “Cockroach”? (on a balloon)
  10. In what fairy tale did the guests betray the birthday girl? (Fly Tsokotukha)

Math quiz for 10-12 year olds

Quizzes for children 10-12 years old
With children 10-12 years old, you can safely conduct a quiz in mathematics Photo: ©Mikhail Nilov / pexels

If the quiz is not just entertaining, but also with the aim of “pumping” the brain, the task can be complicated. If children are passionate about math, offer them tricky questions from this collection.

  1. Ivan is 24 years old. He is twice as old as Oleg was when Ivan was as old as Oleg is now. How old is Oleg? (Oleg is 18 years old).
  2. “Amazing number”: if you add 7 to this number, and divide the sum by 7, and subtract 7 from the quotient and multiply the remainder by 7, then you will end up with 7. Try to find such an amazing number (49).
  3. How to write 100 with six identical digits using some math signs? (99+99:99=100)
  4. By what number do you need to divide 2 to get 4? (On 0.5 or ½).
  5. Wire length 16 cm. From it you need to bend a rectangle (rectangular contour) with the maximum possible area. What should be the dimensions of the sides of this rectangular contour? (The sides of this rectangular outline should be 4 cm each, that is, it should be a square).
  6. A flock of geese flew, and one goose flew towards them. This goose at the sight of the flock said: “Greetings to you, one hundred geese!” “We are not a hundred geese,” the main goose answered him, “now if there were as many of us as now, and even as many, but half as many, yes a quarter as many, and even you, goose, would join us, then we were a hundred geese.” How many flew in a flock of geese? (36 geese).
  7. How to write 20 with four nines using some math signs? (9+99:9=20).
  8. Find such three numbers, the sum of which is equal to their product (1,2,3).
  9. From 22 matches or identical sticks, without breaking them, how to fold the outline of a rectangle with the largest area? (The length of the outline of the rectangle should consist of six matches (identical sticks), and the width should be five matches).
  10. If Dima left home for school three minutes earlier than Kolya, who left two minutes later than Sasha, then who left earlier: Sasha or Dima, and for how many minutes? (Dima left earlier than Sasha for one minute).

Questions for young smart people can be compiled on the topic of computer programs, space, the laws of physics already familiar to them, which they encounter in everyday conditions.

How many quiz questions from this article would you answer?


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