Events in July: where to go to have fun with the kids

Events in July: where to go to have fun with the kids

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In our material, we have collected interesting options on how not to be bored in the summer in the city, but to do something interesting and useful.

For children from 4 to 10 years old

"Yard Summer in Kidburg"

“Yard Summer in Kidburg”

Children’s City of Professions “KidBurg” is the first interactive thematic center in Russia operating in the format of edutainment (from education – “training” and entertainment – “entertainment”). This is a small model of the world for children from 1.5 to 14 years old. In the realistic scenery of the play areas, children try various professions.

This summer, visitors will be able to take part in toy-making workshops, learn what mass classics are, try their hand at domino battles and go to a rubber disco and much more.

When: July 1–August 31

Where: TsDM, SEC “Riviera” and SEC “Zelenopark”

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Summer at Bunny Hop Skate Parks

Summer at Bunny Hop Skate Parks

Bunny Hop Skate Park organizes a kids club, a dream for all boys (and not only). In translation, the name of the park means the very first and basic trick in almost any discipline, literally “rabbit jump”. It accepts children from 5 years old, the club has directions: stunt scooter, skateboard and longboard, roller skates and bmx stunt bike. Children may even have a zero level of skating, everything will be taught here. The club program includes an active part with training and skating, as well as master classes, quests, quizzes, lunch with snacks, free extension.

Where: The children’s club is organized in two skate parks: on Bolshaya Semyonovskaya street, house 42 building 1 (Electrozavodskaya metro station) and on Smolnaya street, house 24 (Rechnoy Vokzal metro station).

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For children from 6 to 14 years old

Summer workshop “Children in the city of M.”

Summer workshop "Children in the city of M."

Every summer, the Children’s Center of the Museum of Moscow invites children from 7 to 14 years old to take part in the Summer Workshop “Children in the City of Moscow.” ! Children will look for answers to the most unusual questions about the city. Historians, architects, artists, musicians, researchers, tour guides, actors and screenwriters will become mentors and assistants. Each session will focus on a specific topic.

When: July 4–29
Where: Zubovsky Boulevard, 2

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Film Gagarin. Sky Lieutenant”

Film Gagarin. Sky Lieutenant"

You can learn more about space right on Earth – the film “Gagarin. Sky Lieutenant”, created in the format of a 360º panorama, tells about Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space. 3D graphics and artificial intelligence, a five-meter screen and surround sound will add thrills and allow you to get an unforgettable emotional experience and a feeling of the first flight on the Vostok-1 spacecraft with Yuri Gagarin.

Age: 7+

When: daily


Entertaining holidays in “Experimentanium”

Children in "Experimentanium"

In one of the best science museums, Experimentanium, children will find scientific classes, creative workshops, interactive games, outdoor walks and three full meals a day. At the end of each shift, the participants prepare a group project, on which they will work in the museum’s laboratory, in lecture halls and throughout the exhibition space. The five-day shifts are divided into topics: “Be careful. This is the world history of cinematography”, “Cosmos. Let’s go!”, “Biology. All about perception”, “Chemistry around us”. Programs are designed for children from 6 to 12 years old.

When: July 1–August 26
Where: Leningradsky prospekt, house 80, building 11

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For whom: for children from 11 to 15 years old

ARCHIcamp in the Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev

ARCHIcamp is the main summer program of the Museum of Architecture for teenagers aged 11-15. The upcoming shifts will be devoted to the theme of the profession: what does an architect do and who helps him to bring the project to life? How an urbanist and an artist, a builder and an engineer look at architecture. For two weeks, program participants will communicate with representatives of various professions, explore the urban environment, visit an architectural bureau and be sure to try to put their knowledge into practice – dream up and create their own creative projects.

When: July 4–17

Where: State Museum of Architecture named after A. V. Shchusev (Vozdvizhenka 5/25)

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“Art in comics”

Educational project for teenagers Uteens invites you to the intensive “Art in comics”, which is designed for teenagers aged 13-16 and will be of interest to those who want to get an idea about the profession of a comic artist, have their own comic project and want to develop it, or just like to draw and compose stories.

Every day, students will devote to one stage of creating a comic, children will get acquainted with theoretical and practical blocks. As a final project, each participant will have their own finished comic.

When: August 16–August 19

Where: st. Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, building 3

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Quest based on “The Lord of the Ring”

Quest based on "The Lord of the Ring"

A great activity for those who believe that good triumphs over evil. Participants (from 8 years old with parents, from 11 years old without parents) are offered to go down to the ancient kingdom under the mountain, go through many trials and release the spirits of Power and Magic imprisoned in the dungeon. If you and your child are ready to become the last hope of the gnomes to survive in the final battle with the dark forces, feel free to go on an exciting, but not dangerous journey.

When: July 1st

Where: st. Yauzskaya st., 1/15, building 6

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For teenagers from 13 to 18 years old

Design school “Kaskad” launches an art residence at VDNKh

Design school "Kaskad" launches an art residence at VDNKh

In July, VDNKh, with the support of the Museum of Moscow, will open the Cascade + Digital summer residence for teenagers aged 13 to 18. Young participants will explore the city, look for new interests in different creative formats, experiment and create new spaces. Among curators – artist Misha Most , founder of the architectural bureau NZ-group Natalia Zaichenko , representatives of the Immerse Lab group, performer Ekaterina Kalyuzhnaya and composer Maxim Sergeev.

You can choose from four areas: “Architecture”, “Public Art”, “Digital Art” and “Body and Sound”.

Teenagers will take part in master classes and workshops, meet artists, conduct their own research, and defend their projects. The result of the work will be the opening of the own pavilion of the Kaskada design school in September.

When: July 11–27

Where: Pavilion No. 49, VDNH

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The Geek Picnic International Festival of Science and Technology will be held at Museon on July 30th. The organizers are preparing to show the most unusual and high-tech novelties that are waiting for us now or in the near future.

This year, for the first time, a separate and very diverse program will be offered for children at the festival.

The educational program will be very rich: children and teenagers will be able to learn programming and the basics of sketching, make a space robot with their own hands, as well as take lessons on building bridges and buildings, assembling a hydrogen engine model. The festival will host exciting master classes on modern astronautics and astronomy, the creation of computer games and animated special effects, and many others. Even special telescopes will be brought in, in which you can easily observe the Sun.

You can feel like a detective and investigate a crime with the help of science by taking part in the “Siberian Express Case” program. According to the plot, the events take place on the train in which the crime occurred. To solve the mystery, it will be necessary to check the evidence, conduct your own investigation and exclude suspects from the list.

When: July 30

Where: Muzeon Park

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And where do you plan to relax with children in the summer in the city?

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