How to get rid of bruises under the eyes

How to get rid of bruises under the eyes

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Reasons for the appearance

Dark circles under the eyes can appear due to stress or lack of sleep. But they can also indicate internal problems of the body – for example, malfunctions of the kidneys and liver. Sometimes the cause may be hidden in genetics – a pronounced vascular pattern inherited from parents and thinness of the skin in the periorbital region.

We understand the causes of dark circles under the eyes and how to deal with them together with our expert, dermatocosmetologist at the Beauty Time clinic Teona Tsertsvadze .

Reasons for the appearance

Dark circles under eyes causes
Dark circles under the eyes are common markers of health problems.

Blue under the eyes in most cases are markers of a not very healthy lifestyle. They can appear due to stress and lack of sleep, excessive salt intake, bad habits and lack of exercise. All this leads to stagnation of fluid in the tissues and an unhealthy complexion.

Bruises under the eyes can also signal health problems – for example, with the kidneys, liver. In this case, we first eliminate the root cause with the appropriate specialist.

Or it can be purely genetics: when already from a young age there are quite deep depressions in the region of the nasolacrimal sulcus due to the anatomical structure of the eyelid. Because of this retraction, a shadow is formed and the face looks tired, haggard. And if there are hernias, then blepharoplasty can be the best solution, which will eliminate them once and for all (cosmetology and home care in the case of hernias are not very effective).

If the patient has thin light skin, then the veins under the eyes can appear through and give a blue.

Finally, if we do not protect the skin from the sun enough, pigmentation can appear in the area around the eyes – freckles or larger age spots. Therefore, do not forget about SPF protection throughout the year, even in the city! In the cold season, a cream with SPF15-20 is enough.

How to beat the “panda effect”

First of all, cosmetologists recommend, of course, to establish a daily routine and try to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day, as well as undergo an examination by a doctor to rule out diseases of the internal organs. And they offer to cope with the external manifestation of the problem in the conditions of a beauty parlor and regular self-care.

Salon procedures

Dark circles under the eyes salon treatments
The effect of salon procedures is noticeable almost immediately

An excellent result in the fight against dark circles under the eyes is given by injection techniques.

Mesotherapy. For example, mesotherapy: we inject into the periorbital zone injections with specially selected “cocktails” of vitamins, microelements and amino acids. They stimulate blood microcirculation and improve the condition of the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels.

Plasmolifting. During plasmolifting of the eyelids, we inject injections of the patient’s own blood plasma enriched with platelets. To do this, we take blood from a vein, centrifuge and process it in such a way as to separate the plasma from the rest of the components that we do not need for the procedure. And then we mix it with a special autogel and proceed to the injection.

The result is a healthy, uniform skin tone and a lifting effect.

Contour plastic. If the veins show through thin skin, filling the nasolacrimal trough with a hyaluronic acid filler may be considered. We select the softest and most flexible preparation for the area under the eyes in order to avoid contouring the preparation and obtain a beautiful, natural correction result.

Phototherapy BBL Forever Young. I also include one legendary hardware technique in my top procedures for bruises under the eyes.

If the cause of dark circles under the eyes is pigmentation, then BBL phototherapy will cope with it. With the help of broadband light, we destroy the pigment melanin, which causes darkening of the skin and after a while the pigmentation completely disappears.

home care

Remove dark circles under eyes at home
In home care, the main thing is brightening and moisturizing the area under the eyes.

Patches, in my opinion, are more aimed at eliminating puffiness. This is a good SOS remedy for a fresher look in the morning. With regular use, they can also lighten dark circles a little, giving a complex effect of drainage and toning.

As part of the cream for the area around the eyelids, look for caffeine, vitamin C and horse chestnut, peptides, collagen. Good hydration is also important.

Apply the cream with soft patting movements from the inner corner of the eye to the outer along the orbital bone, without stretching or injuring the skin.

Do not drink a lot of fluids at night and reduce the amount of salt in the diet. Try to get enough sleep and often walk in the fresh air, use cosmetics with SPF filters.


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