Now mom: Dina Garipova shared the first shot from the hospital

Now mom: Dina Garipova shared the first shot from the hospital

27.06.2022 0 By admin

31-year-old Dina Garipova accepts congratulations and good wishes. The singer first became a mother and showed the first frame from the hospital on her personal blog.

Our son was born. We feel good. Thank you all for the good wishes,” the young mother wrote on her personal blog.

Dina Garipova became a mother
Dina Garipova declassified the sex of the newborn baby

Recall that Dina hid her interesting position for several months and revealed her secret only in mid-February, showing a decently rounded tummy. Then the expectant mother chose not to disclose details about the sex of the baby and how the pregnancy is proceeding.

Dina Garipova declassified her first pregnancy
Dina Garipova declassified her first pregnancy © @dinagaripova

And although Garipova is one of those stars who rarely share personal news, fans hope that the young mother will soon talk about her first child and how her life has changed after his birth.

It is worth noting that almost nothing is known about the husband of the singer Ravil Bikmukhametov . The chosen one of the star is not related to show business, but he supports his beloved in everything and has nothing against her career. Until now, Dina has never shown his photos on her personal blog. The couple got married in August 2015 in the presence of only the closest relatives and close friends. Garipova later admitted that they spent their honeymoon in Cuba.

Wedding photo of Dina Garipova
undefined © @dinagaripova

Creativity does not interfere with my family life at all. My husband knew who he was contacting, he understood what he was signing up for. He supports me in everything. Worried about me, periodically tries to slow down when I plan to take part in a new project. He protects me, – said the singer in one of the rare interviews. – He wants me not to be upset, because he knows that I react hard to the negative in my direction. If he sees that I am inspired and want to participate in something, he will always support me and simply say: “I am there!”

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Photo for the announcement: © Personal blog of the singer @dinagaripova