Brown hair color

Brown hair color

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Brown-haired women are characterized by natural charm and elegance, so chestnut hair color has remained trendy for many years.

Who suits chestnut color?

Brown hair color
Chestnut hair color looks harmonious on any length of hair.

To choose the shade of chestnut that suits you, you need to consider:

  • eye color;
  • skin tone;
  • hair length.

The depth and softness of brown eyes are emphasized by warm shades of chestnut with red and copper notes.

Green eyes will enhance the cool reddish chestnut or natural color without impurities.

Mysteriousness to blue and gray eyes with aristocratic pallor of the skin will be given by chestnut colors with an ashy tint, frosty and chocolate tones.

Warm southern skin will be favorably shaded by such light chestnut colors as: gold, caramel, honey.

The cheerful disposition of the owners of freckles will be enhanced by yellow-red sunny shades.

Owners of the northern type of face with transparent pale skin should give preference to the natural color. But they should avoid gold, copper and red overflows in chestnut.

There are no restrictions on the length of hair and variations of haircuts chestnut color. It looks equally harmonious on:

  • short, medium and long hair;
  • straight haircuts with bangs;
  • elegant curls and curls;
  • elongated and bob.

There are no restrictions on styling: from smooth, straight shapes to creative chaos.

Advantages and disadvantages of color

Chestnut color can be worn by young women of fashion, and women of any age, and ladies of advanced years.

This color softens sharp angular faces, but does not weigh down plump cheeks. He emphasizes the zest of each image.

Brown hair color how to choose
Eyebrow color should be the same tone as the hair.

In addition, chestnut color:

  • perfectly masks gray hair;
  • does not draw attention to regrown roots (if the natural hair color is dark);
  • improves the appearance of damaged hair (which is why former blondes prefer it).

Despite all its advantages, owners of chestnut hair color need:

  • keep eyebrows and eyelashes in perfect condition;

Eyebrows should be the same tone as the hair. Therefore, with a lack of their own pigment, they must be tinted.

  • do not forget about makeup (it is mandatory and must be combined with a new image);
  • choose high-quality hair care (color-preserving shampoos).

Natural blond hair requires more frequent tinting of the roots and main length, since the structure of blond hair does not hold dark pigment well.

How to choose a color at home?

When choosing a shade of chestnut, build on your natural base.

  1. Dye dark hair in a color 2-3 tones lighter than your own.
  2. For blonde hair , choose a borderline color. Be prepared for the fact that you have to repeat the coloring to get a deeper shade.
  3. If the hair was dyed red, black or other dark color , then wash off the “old” color from the hair before applying the chestnut shade.

Tone and hue

Warm chestnut colors are represented by the following range:

  • walnut;
  • cappuccino;
  • golden copper and copper;
  • gold;
  • caramel;
  • honey;
  • red-crimson shades;
  • beige and sand tones.

In cold shades of chestnut there are:

  • ashen;
  • frosty;
  • cherry;
  • dark chocolate;
  • graphite;
  • mocha.

How to choose a dye

Brown hair how to choose paint
When choosing paint, rely on your natural color.

Chestnut shades are represented by a wide palette from different manufacturers. You can choose a ready-made composition for home coloring or a professional kit.


A wide palette and availability are the main advantages of the manufacturer. In addition to dyes, care products that support the main color are on the market.


The new improved formula of the Color Naturals line will give the desired color and gentle coloring, since the dye composition is saturated with oils that are beneficial for hair.


When choosing a dye of this brand, do not raise the tone of the dye by more than one unit to your main shade. Otherwise, you will get too dark hair as a result of dyeing.


Good quality paint at a reasonable price. And tint balms will allow not only to maintain color longer, but also to play with shades according to your mood.


Ideal for coarse gray hair that tends to be difficult to color. This was made possible by applying a special balm to the hair, which helps the dye to be better absorbed, restoring the texture of the hair.

Basma and henna

A rich chestnut shade can also be obtained with the help of natural dyes. Basma and henna result in natural hair color. In addition, dyes of plant origin are gentle on hair even with frequent dyeing (every 2-3 weeks).

By choosing a chestnut color, you are opting for natural elegance. This is a new image that can change a lot in your life.


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