Brown hair color

Brown hair color

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Light brown hair color looks natural due to such natural natural shades at its core, such as:

  • honey;
  • wheat;
  • chestnut;
  • chocolate.

The light brown color has a rich palette: from light blond to dark, from icy ash to natural natural shades.

Properly selected light brown shade will add charm to any appearance. You can choose your color with a simple test.

Which blond to choose

Brown hair color
Which shade of light brown suits you depends on your skin tone.

Hair color should be matched to skin tone and eye color. For warm skin tones, golden blond is suitable. This rich tone sets off the complexion and gives a fresh look. For skin with a cold undertone – chocolate, ash and natural matte shades.

To determine what tone your skin has, evaluate its natural color without makeup in natural daylight. For the test, you will need clothes of two solid colors: blue and red. Visually determine which color suits you best. If a:

  • red, then your skin has a warm tone;
  • blue – cold;
  • both colors suit you – neutral.

Eye color will also help determine your skin tone:

  • cold shade corresponds to gray and blue eyes;
  • warm – golden and brown;
  • neutral – green shades of the eyes.

When choosing a color for dyeing, use the rule: the desired color should differ from skin color by at least 2 tones.

Light brown hair color for warm skin tone

Blonde hair color how to choose
For warm skin tones, caramel and golden shades of light brown are suitable.

Persons with warm skin tones will give natural charm and softness to warm light brown tones.

Color options:

  • pink light blond,
  • blond golden,
  • caramel light blond,
  • copper blond
  • bright juicy colors of peach, coral, wheat, amber and gold.

For creative coloring of warm blond hair, choose green and blue colors. But try to remove the colored strands from the face,

Light brown hair color for cool skin tone

Light brown hair of a cold color emphasizes the nobility of the “cold” skin.

Staining options:

  • ash, pearls and platinum are the best shades for light brown hair, dark chocolate and espresso coffee are gourmand cold tones,
  • wine burgundy and merlot will give your hair an exquisite cold red tint,
  • you can gracefully and creatively shade a light brown cold tone with bright blue, green, purple and cold red strands,

Light brown hair color for neutral skin tone

Owners of skin of a neutral shade will suit any light brown color. The most natural and natural will look:

  • gold, beige and amber on light brown hair,
  • mocha, copper and delicious strawberry on dark blond hair,

How to get light brown

Light brown hair color at home
Complex coloring is best done in salons, but plain light brown can be achieved at home.

At home, you can get a beautiful light brown shade of hair if you choose the right dye. Choose the color of one with your hair tone. The maximum lightening that can be achieved with home staining is two tones.

Sophisticated cold tones, reds and creative coloring are best done in the salon to avoid unnecessary surprises. For example, ash blonde can give your hair a green tint. The indisputable advantage of salon coloring is the ability to dye strands of hair with different shades of light brown. This coloring looks natural, and the hair seems more voluminous.

If you prefer to dye your hair at home, pay attention to the following fashionable shades of dyes.

  • Classic blond. Schwarzkopf. Luminance Color. Tone 8.4. Natural light brown color, resistant to washing out and yellowing.
  • Ash blond . L’Oreal Paris Preference. Tone 7.1. Beautiful deep shade at a budget price.
  • Cold blond . Schwarzkopf. Perfect Mousse. Tone 8.16. The texture of the mousse allows you to achieve not only uniform hair coloring, but also a matte powdery shade.
  • Ashy gold . _ redken. Chromatics Beyond Cover. Tone 8.13. Exquisite light blond color and quality care.
  • Copper brown . Estel Professional. DE LUXE SILVER. Tone 8.4. An ideal dye for gray hair, providing an even, lasting color.


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