Magic phrase: how to ask for help from a husband and children

Magic phrase: how to ask for help from a husband and children

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Moms do a lot of housework. They start it after their working day ends. And if a woman is on maternity leave, she has the mission of caring for the baby. And here there are no days off, no holidays … It’s good if there are helpers. But what about a situation where the household seems to be happy to help, but for some reason they are in no hurry to do it?

The first thing you need to do is not “boil”! And eliminate the harmful phrase with which quarrels often begin. It sounds something like this: “Am I supposed to do everything?” Or like this: “Why should I do everything for you?”

The correct version is: “I need your help.” Yes, everything is very simple!

If you see that the children’s room is a mess, and the child is ignoring the process of its elimination, just say: “I need your help in cleaning.” And name a list of things to do: put toys in a box, make a bed, lay out books and magazines on a shelf.

The same algorithm of actions is applicable to the husband. Don’t take on everything! You are a woman, not … (must be entered depending on current affairs). And if a locker creaks in the house and gets on your nerves with its nasty sound, tell your spouse that you need his help. Everything is clear and to the point, without provoking a quarrel, “Is this what I have to do everything myself?” and “How I’m tired of all this!”.

And honestly answer one question: do you often ask your family for help? If rare, they most likely think you don’t need help. Yes, mom is strong and she can handle everything. But you also want to relax! .. Therefore, stop being a hero and learn to pronounce such a simple, but very useful phrase: “I need your help.”

Do you ask relatives for help or do you do it yourself?

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