Fashion workshop: 7 waterproof children's things for outdoor play

Fashion workshop: 7 waterproof children's things for outdoor play

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Rain is not a hindrance to walking. And if the slides or sandboxes are wet, waterproof clothing that won’t get your child wet can help. What clothes to choose in order not to pause activity during the rainy season? We’ve put together a selection for you.

Jumpsuit and semi-overalls

Waterproof overalls are of two types:

  • with straps that are worn over outerwear (that is, without sleeves);
  • completely closed.

In them, children will not get wet when they slide down the hill, ride on a swing, play in the sandbox. A child can even fall into a puddle, and he will not get wet.

Please note: in order to make the child comfortable in waterproof overalls, carefully close the places where water can get in.

For example, tighten the end of the legs, do not tuck them into rubber boots; The seams of the overalls must be taped. These are the so-called tape seams.

Suit: pants + jacket

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There are also waterproof duets, consisting of a jacket and trousers. However, according to experienced mothers, they are inferior to overalls, so there is a risk of getting wet.

Please note: in order for the child to be really comfortable walking in waterproof trousers, do not tuck them into boots. This will prevent water from entering the shoes.


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This is the name of outerwear that is worn over a jacket or overalls. The raincoat has a hood that protects the head from drops of water.

Please note: not all children like to wear raincoats. Kids complain, they close the view if you need to turn your head. If you really need this wardrobe item, choose a raincoat with your child. Let the baby choose what he really likes.

Gaiters and gloves

So that the child does not get his hands wet during the game, he can wear waterproof leggings.

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They are not narrow, that is, they do not fit the child’s hand. And this is convenient, since in the cold season you can wear the surface of mittens or gloves.

In leggings, a child can draw water from a puddle, and the mother will not worry that the child will get wet.

Please note: to prevent water from getting inside, tighten the gaiter strap on the child’s hand.

Rubber boots

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Shoes in which puddles are not terrible are known to all mothers. In order for the child to feel comfortable in rubber boots and their feet do not freeze, an insole may come in handy. If you decide to do without it, wear thermal socks for your child, which have a moisture-wicking effect.

Please note: children love to run and jump in puddles. To keep splashes out, buy rubber boots with an option to keep your feet dry by tightening the top of the shoe with a drawstring.

…Good to know

There are two types of waterproof clothing:

  • membrane;
  • rubber.

In membrane clothing, the child does not sweat, as it also has a moisture-wicking effect. And in rubber clothes, the baby will not get wet, but there is a risk that he will sweat.

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