When can you determine the sex of the child by ultrasound

When can you determine the sex of the child by ultrasound

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A safe and reliable way to find out if a woman is pregnant with a boy or a girl is to determine by ultrasound. However, there are other methods as well. They are more complex and expensive, but sometimes their use is necessary. This is required at the risk of genetic ailments transmitted to an infant of a certain gender. The health of the newborn will depend on errors in the determination here.

at what time can you determine the sex of the child

The desire to know at what time it is possible to determine the sex of the child , usually associated with planning purchases of things for a baby of a certain color

Is it possible to choose the gender of the crumbs

Who will be born – a boy or a girl – is decided at the moment of conception. Each sperm carries a specific set of chromosomes. During the division and maturation of germ cells in humans, gametes are formed: in women, only one type of gametes is formed (gametes with an X chromosome), in men, two types of gametes are formed (a gamete with an X chromosome and a gamete with a Y chromosome). If during fertilization a sperm with an X chromosome enters the egg, a female embryo is formed, and with a Y chromosome – a male.

But the potential dad is also unable to speed up the desired spermatozoon. True, there is a tendency that if male babies were born more often in his family, then he will become the father of a boy. But this is far from a guarantee.

It is also believed that at conception after a long abstinence, a girl will be born, and with a stormy sexual life, a boy. But this theory has not been confirmed by scientists.

Even less likely is the impact of the diet of the expectant mother on the sex of the child, although earlier this opinion took place. They say that those who eat a lot of meat and potatoes are born boys. And if you lean on sweets and nuts – a girl. But in fact, mother’s nutrition can only affect the health of the baby, and not his gender.

The only confirmed method that allows you to choose the sex of the baby is IVF. In children conceived in a test tube, it is known even before the introduction of a fertilized egg. In all other cases, it is not yet possible to influence whether a girl or a boy will be born.

How are the reproductive organs of the embryo formed?

The gender of the baby is already known at the time of conception. But only nature. At such an early date, it is almost impossible to find out who to expect future parents. Even for biochemical methods, it is required that germ cells appear in the crumbs. They are formed at the fifth week of pregnancy according to the obstetric term. The countdown is from the first day of the last menstruation. In general, the development of the reproductive organs goes through all trimesters, but the main stages occur in the first three months.

  • On the seventh week, the formation of the gonads begins.
  • On the ninth, the ovaries are formed in girls and the testicles in boys.
  • On the eleventh, external signs of the reproductive organs appear.

It is still impossible to say exactly according to the ultrasound data, who the expectant mother is expecting, since at this time the organ in the embryo of any sex is a tiny tubercle. It then begins to transform into a penis or clitoris.

At what time can you determine the sex of the child

Under good conditions, an experienced specialist is able to determine the sex on an ultrasound examination as early as 12-13 weeks, during the first screening. But the accuracy of the results cannot be guaranteed. Usually, parents are told who they are expecting when the mother has a second screening – at 20-24 weeks.

ultrasound features

It is most likely to determine the sex of the child with ultrasound at 20-24 weeks

But even during this period, the accuracy of identifying gender is not one hundred percent. Often the baby covers intimate places with his hand or foot, turns his back to the ultrasound sensor, hides behind the umbilical cord. Sex determination is also influenced by the amount of amniotic fluid and the thickness of the abdominal wall. Boys are easier to identify, because the emerging female organs sometimes swell and become similar to male ones.

If the intimate areas of the baby are visible, the probability of revealing the sex of the ultrasound method is 90 percent. The use of equipment with the 3D effect increases the chances of determining gender by ultrasound even more.

At the last planned study, it is also not always possible to confirm the initial indications. By this time, the child usually assumes such a position that the reproductive organs are not visible. It is especially difficult if the baby is in the breech presentation.

What features of ultrasound in the early stages will tell the sex of the baby

Specialists in the field of ultrasound research take into account various indicators that allow, in the aggregate analysis of data, to suggest the sex of the fetus as early as 12 weeks after conception, when its size reaches 75 mm. These ultrasound features include:

  • determination of the angle between the back of the fetus and the genital tubercle. For boys, this figure is more than 30 degrees, for girls it is less;
  • analysis of the shape of the skull and jaw. If these elements of the embryo resemble a square, it is worth waiting for a boy, in girls they are more rounded;
  • location of the placenta. If it is located in the uterine body on the right, there is a high probability of the appearance of an heir, on the left – an heiress.

But even if everything shows that, for example, a girl will be born, there is a possibility that the picture will be inaccurate. And instead of a little princess, a little boy is born.

What are the possible errors in determining the sex during an ultrasound examination

If during the second ultrasound examination the diagnostician confidently reports the gender of the fetus, the probability of inaccuracy is extremely small. But she still exists.

  • The doctor is sure that there will be a boy, but a girl is born. This is due to the fact that the cord loop or swelling of the labia in the picture turned out to be outwardly similar to the penis.
  • Reverse situation. It happens less often, but it is also possible when a boy so cunningly clamps his legs that his intimate area becomes similar to a girl’s.
  • An error in revealing the sex due to the fact that the mother has a different-sex “royal” twins. Sometimes the picture does not show exactly the gender of one of the babies, and the doctor assumes that it is similar to the first. But this happens extremely rarely.

Usually, inaccuracies are associated with outdated equipment and the “cunning” location of the fetus, as well as with the low qualification of the diagnostician.

What methods allow you to give an accurate answer about the gender of the baby

Invasive methods are used only in cases where there is a risk of a dangerous hereditary disease in a baby of a certain gender. For example, hemophilia is a problem with blood clotting. This disease is incurable and very dangerous. With any injury, a person can die from blood loss. The disease is transmitted through the mother to the boy. If a woman is a carrier of hemophilia and research shows that she is going to have a son, doctors suggest terminating the pregnancy.

Accurate methods include:

  • chorionic villus biopsy. The technology lies in the fact that material is taken from the uterus of a pregnant woman with a special probe for research. As a result of the analysis, not only possible hereditary defects are revealed, but also the presence of a male chromosome. Such a study is possible only according to indications for a period of 10-12 weeks;
  • cordocentesis. Assumes the study of blood from the umbilical cord. It is carried out at 14-16 weeks;
  • amniotic fluid analysis. During amniocentesis, the doctor pierces the placental barrier and takes amniotic fluid for examination. Such manipulations are possible only after the 16th week of pregnancy.

All these procedures practically eliminate the error in the result. But interventions are quite dangerous, because they can provoke premature birth. There is an accurate and safe method – identifying the sex of the baby by analyzing blood from a vein on the mother’s arm. This is an advanced DNA test that gives an almost 100% early result within a day after blood sampling. The technique has the only drawback – the high cost.

What additional signs and folk signs will complement the ultrasound

In addition to ultrasound data, future parents rely on a number of additional signs when determining the sex of the crumbs.

  • Strong pigmentation indicates the probable birth of a girl. If the skin improves, the chance of the appearance of a boy is high.
  • The son in the mother’s womb requires meat and pickles, the daughter – sweets and nuts.
  • A woman who is pregnant with a girl has a rounded and raised belly, and if it is sharp and elongated, it is worth waiting for a boy.

All these signs are not very accurate, but you can still take them into account.

ultrasound features

If a pregnant woman noticeably prettier, this is considered an additional sign of the birth of a boy.

In the Celestial Empire , the sex of the child was determined using special tables. This Chinese method has spread all over the world. According to him, the gender of the baby is directly dependent on the age of the pregnant woman and the month of fertilization of the egg. In the table, you need to find these indicators and look at the intersection, where the floor of the crumb will be indicated. It is believed that the method allows not only to find out the gender, but also to plan the birth of an heir or heiress. True, official medicine does not confirm the technique. So the probability of it, as in the case of fortune-telling, is 50/50.

The expectations of moms and dads are not always justified. Ultrasound readings are especially frustrating for those parents who already have three or four children of the same sex as the future baby. Men often blame their wives for this. But the sex of the child depends on the fathers, and even they cannot affect the vigor of the desired sperm. You can not be upset with a new life, so as not to harm the development of the baby. Moreover, in the modern world, gender does not prevent a person from reaching heights in any field of science or art.


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