What gift to give your son for his 5th birthday?

What gift to give your son for his 5th birthday?

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I want to make the first anniversary in a child’s life unforgettable, so parents are wondering what to give a boy for five years. There are many ideas, but it is important to choose the most successful one.

What toy to give?

By the age of five, the child has accumulated a lot of toys. But cars, motorcycles, ATVs, airplanes and other vehicles will never be superfluous. If there are a lot of them, then you can give a mega-garage or a huge parking lot for your birthday. They can become a place to store cars.

What to give a boy for five years

A five-year-old boy can be presented with scale models of equipment

If a boy likes to play racing, then you should buy an auto track. Hot Wheels offers interesting options. Your son may also like these gifts:

  • car transporter;
  • ship;
  • glider;
  • kite;
  • Railway;
  • a toy set for a boy – a municipal or police station, a fire station, an airport, a gas station, a car service station, a construction site and much more;
  • cartoon characters, for example, from “Paw Patrol”, “Rusty Mechanic”, “Heroes in Masks”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”;
  • toy weapons – pistol, sword, crossbow;
  • a set of radios;
  • robot transformer;
  • tools – chainsaw, drill.

No less joy will be brought by radio-controlled toys – cars, tanks, quadrocopters, airplanes, cranes, dinosaurs and other animals.

At the age of five, children are fond of role-playing games. What to give a boy for five years? You can purchase the following kits:

  • a policeman – it includes handcuffs, a bulletproof vest, an identity card, a knife, a pistol, a baton, a walkie-talkie;
  • excavation kit;
  • masters – a helmet and tools, namely a screwdriver, drill, file, hammer and others;
  • military – body armor, helmet, machine gun, grenade, binoculars, walkie-talkie, handcuffs;
  • gardener – lawn mower, rake, shovel, cart, watering can;
  • spy kit – listening device, flashlight, motion sensor, binoculars, headphones.

In order for the boy to get into the role even better, it is worth buying a uniform, for example, a policeman, fireman, rescuer.

If the child is artistic, likes to surprise, then you should give him a set of a magician. The complex includes all the necessary items to show tricks.

Beyblade is popular among boys. It is a spinning top that is launched using a trigger mechanism. All beyblades are different, they are cartoon characters. You can give one spinning top or a whole set, which includes the arena.

What gift to give for the development of the child?

It is difficult for a five-year-old child to sit still, but perseverance is an important quality that needs to be developed. This is facilitated by games for logical thinking, picking up puzzles.

On sale there are prefabricated models of aircraft, ships, cars, houses, palaces. But when assembling, you will need the help of parents.

If the boy is inquisitive, then you can purchase a set that includes a microscope and a telescope. But you need to understand that for this age the equipment is toy. Professional devices are sold in specialized stores.

Other gift options:

  • drawing set;
  • board game, in particular Monopoly;
  • modeling kit, for example, Play Doh.

If the child is fond of designers, then you can buy Lego or toys from other manufacturers. In the assembly process, logic, imagination develop, fine motor skills of fingers improve. You can also give a magnetic or electronic designer. The latter will expand knowledge in the field of electronics. The kit includes sound circuits, LEDs, resistors, transistors, switches and batteries.

Electronic constructor

Children, playing with an electronic designer, develop

There are also brick constructors. With their help, you can build houses, fortresses, stables and other objects.

Gifts for active kids

In order for the child to spend less time near the computer, it is worth accustoming him to an active lifestyle. You can give him:

  • videos;
  • skate;
  • Kick scooter;
  • a bike;
  • skates;
  • skis.

For the physical development of the boy, you can install a Swedish wall in the house.

In order for a child to spend more time outdoors in the summer, it is worth buying him a soccer ball, a basketball hoop, a badminton set.

How to make your birthday unforgettable?

Children do not play for a long time with donated items, a maximum of 1-2 weeks, and then forget about them. That is why I want to cook something unusual for the child. You can give not only an object, but also a good mood.

In order for a boy to remember his anniversary for a long time, it is worth taking him to a children’s entertainment center, visiting a circus, a zoo. In summer, you can go to the sea and go to the water park or dolphinarium. In winter, there are much fewer places to go. You can arrange a holiday at home by inviting clowns and animators. And of course the boy should celebrate in the company of his friends.

In order for the birthday person to receive only good emotions on his birthday, it is important to guess with a present. For a boy, it is worth choosing gifts according to interests.


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