Lymphatic drainage massage of the mammary glands for mastopathy, cysts, cancer

Lymphatic drainage massage of the mammary glands for mastopathy, cysts, cancer

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Massage of the mammary glands is used for lymphostasis. This is a great way to get the lymph moving in the right direction, which is why doctors often recommend massage when it stagnates. This type of assistance is shown to women with healthy mammary glands. In the presence of pathologies, such as mastopathy or a malignant neoplasm, massage has limitations for carrying out, and sometimes it is completely contraindicated.

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breast massage for cancer

Breast massage: basic information

Lymphatic drainage massage is a whole complex of massage elements aimed at activating the flow of lymph in the vessels. The main goal of the procedure is to restore the beauty of the breast and the elasticity of the mammary glands, as well as improve tissue nutrition. Since a significant part of women have complaints about the shape of their breasts, such a massage is popular. However, it is performed only on the recommendation of a doctor after examinations.

After the massage, women feel a number of positive changes:

  • blood circulation is activated;
  • the skin becomes more elastic;
  • age-related changes disappear, flabbiness with lactostasis.

An equally important result of lymphatic drainage massage is that the lymph more actively removes toxins and resists congestion in the chest.

Since the effect of massage is primarily therapeutic, it is better to carry out the procedure in specialized centers where a woman is examined for contraindications. Massage has certain limitations and is not suitable for everyone.

Massage for various forms of mastopathy

Massage is carried out in a lying position, sitting or on its side. For carrying out, special creams or oils are used, which provide easy, non-traumatic sliding. The basic rules are as follows:

  • active massage is not carried out without prior preparation, the surface of the body is first stroked in a circular motion with the study of the coracobrachialis muscle;
  • in preparation, the masseur necessarily works out individual muscle groups – the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, pectoralis major;
  • the massage procedure is performed in steps, from light movements to more active ones, the impact occurs by stroking, rubbing, kneading, tapping and vibration.

breast massage

Massage of the mammary glands must be done taking into account contraindications

With mastopathy, massage is an indispensable element in the treatment of pathology. With the fibrous form of the disease, massage allows you to eliminate swelling, reduce the unpleasant soreness that accompanies the disease. The main rule of the procedure is smooth movements along the ducts of the lymphatic vessels to remove lymph. Massage for mastopathy allows you to maintain the shape of the breast and maintain its normal functions.

Massage for cancer

A cancerous neoplasm, already diagnosed by histology or only under suspicion, is a contraindication to lymphatic drainage massage. Atypical cells located in the tumor zone grow rapidly, since the neoplasm is provided by blood vessels. In this regard, the risk of introducing cancer cells with lymph flow to other areas of the body increases. For example, this is how clear cell liver cancer occurs if atypical cells of the mammary glands get there.

If the patient underwent an operation to remove the mammary gland, then massage is allowed at least 5 years after the surgical intervention. And this is provided that there are no metastases or other complications after the operation.

Doctors’ opinion

The opinion of doctors about whether it is possible to do the procedure for various pathologies of the mammary glands is ambiguous. There is still no consensus on massage, and in the medical literature you can find different points of view with weighty arguments from each side.

Some doctors believe that cystic or fibrous mastopathy is not a contraindication to lymphatic drainage massage, but in this case, it is necessary to follow the correct procedure for the procedure so as not to harm the patient’s health.

with mastopathy

Doctors do not always recommend massage for mastopathy

Taking into account the fact that the percentage of cancerous pathologies among the population is constantly growing, including breast cancer, another group of doctors strongly discourages massaging the affected glands. With any impact, you can start the process of abnormal cell division in the cyst, and a benign tumor threatens to become malignant, i.e. turn into cancer.

Lymphatic drainage massage will bring undeniable benefits only for healthy women who do not have breast pathologies or a predisposition to their occurrence. In the presence of pathologies, for example, with fibroadenoma, it is better to consult with several specialists, and then decide on a massage, and in case of malignant neoplasms, it is better to refuse this procedure altogether.


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