Is it possible to have sour cream while breastfeeding

Is it possible to have sour cream while breastfeeding

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The daily menu of every mother of a newborn child should include healthy foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, including dairy and sour-milk. Sour cream is a controversial product. It contains animal proteins that the baby’s body is not able to fully assimilate, therefore, in the first month, pediatricians do not recommend including it in the menu of nursing mothers.

is it possible to have sour cream while breastfeeding

Is it possible to sour cream while breastfeeding

What are the benefits of sour cream while breastfeeding

Sour cream is a useful fermented milk product, which includes: calcium, potassium and sodium, iron, phosphorus, and other important trace elements. They help the child to fully develop, and the woman recovers faster after childbirth.

Sour cream can be eaten already in the first month after the birth of the baby, provided that it is fresh and the fat content does not exceed 15%.

Sour cream can be used as an independent dish, as a dressing for salads.

When is the best time to stop eating sour cream?

In some cases, introducing sour cream into the diet of a recently born mother is contraindicated:

  • High blood cholesterol.
  • Exacerbated stomach ulcer or gastritis.
  • Sudden allergic reaction to milk protein.

If something worries you or raises doubts, then it is better to wait with the introduction of sour cream into the diet and try to do it in the second month after the birth of the baby.

How to choose a useful and high-quality product

The freshness and naturalness of sour cream bought in the store can be tracked by the following indicators:

  • The composition includes only whole milk and sourdough.
  • No preservatives and various additives.
  • The earlier sour cream is made, the more useful it is, i.e. it is worth choosing the freshest product.
  • The maximum possible storage period is 7 days.
  • It is advisable to buy sour cream from local producers.
  • Pay attention to the color – white or with a slight milky tint.

The fresher the sour cream, the more benefits it will bring to mother and newborn baby.

It is not worth abusing even a fresh fermented milk product.

This can lead to loose stools and allergies in the baby, and you will add extra pounds. Eat in moderation and enjoy

in the first month

Is it possible to sour cream while breastfeeding

Quality can be checked in two ways:

First . As soon as you brought the purchased product home, pour it into another container and watch how this process happens. High-quality sour cream flows smoothly and gradually, low-quality sour cream falls in lumps.

Second . Apply a small amount of sour cream to the glass surface and wait for it to dry. If the dried layer remains even, then the product is of high quality, but if it has dried up in layers, throw it into the trash can.

Good sour cream is moderately thick, homogeneous, without lumps, smells good.

When buying sour cream, you can focus on reviews, recommendations and video reviews of other mothers, but always check and study the packaging and expiration dates of the purchased products yourself.

Is it possible to have sour cream while breastfeeding? It is possible and necessary, because it contains vitamins and microelements necessary for the full development of the child. Give preference to products of local producers, paying attention to freshness and naturalness.


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