Is it possible to get pregnant from the natural lubricant of a man

Is it possible to get pregnant from the natural lubricant of a man

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During sexual intercourse, not only sperm is released, but also other biological fluids. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication is positive. However, the likelihood of such an event depends on various factors.

The role of natural lubrication

Pre-ejaculate is a colorless, clear liquid that is released from the male penis during an erection. It is especially active just before ejaculation.

The possibility of pregnancy from natural secretions

A woman can become pregnant from natural secretions during intercourse, even if there was no ejaculation

Male lubricant is produced in the bulbourethral glands, which are located at the base of the penis. Products are activated during sexual arousal. The fluid enters the urethra, and the rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor contribute to its release to the outside. Usually its amount does not exceed 5-7 ml.

Pre-ejaculate, which is released during intercourse, neutralizes the acidic environment that is normally created in the vagina by lactic bacteria. This creates more comfortable conditions for the survival and promotion of spermatozoa through the female genital tract. Contrary to popular belief, this fluid does little to improve gliding, since it releases a small amount that is not enough to perform this function.

Is it possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication

The pre-ejaculate, which is secreted in the bulbourethral glands, does not contain spermatozoa. However, they can remain on the walls of the urethra after the previous ejaculation, so a small amount of germ cells is in the natural lubricant. Their concentration is much lower than in semen.

Therefore, if dry intercourse occurred with penetration, but without ejaculation, then conception can take place. But the likelihood of such an event also depends on other factors:

  • The use of barrier or hormonal methods of contraception reduces this probability to almost zero.
  • Fertility disorders in men. In a large part, there are various asymptomatic disorders of sperm production. Therefore, often even regular sexual intercourse with ejaculation is not enough for fertilization.
  • The phase of the monthly cycle in a woman. It is believed that between 7 and 21 days the chance of fertilization increases. This is due to the fact that ovulation occurs on days 14-17 – the process of releasing an egg. The safest days for sexual intercourse is the period before menstruation.
  • Antigenic compatibility between partners. The entry of spermatozoa into the genital tract causes an autoimmune response in 5-7% of cases. Antibodies are produced that destroy the male germ cells, which significantly reduces the chance of fertilization.
  • Decreased fertility in a woman due to age-related changes, concomitant pathologies of the reproductive system.
  • The number of spermatozoa and secretions that entered the woman’s genital tract during intercourse.

The combination of these factors in many situations reduces the chance of fertilization after sex without ejaculation. But to accurately determine the fertility of partners, they will need a thorough medical examination by doctors. This will allow you to detect hidden diseases, as well as better prepare for conception.

How to eliminate semen from the urethra

Doctors often hear the opinion from patients that you can get rid of the remnants of sperm in the urethra with the help of urination. However, this does not correspond to reality. Studies have shown that germ cells in any discharge from the urethra in men can remain up to 2-3 days after the last ejaculation.

Why you can get pregnant from discharge

There is a small amount of sperm in the composition of male discharge from the urethra

Pre-washing the urethra with various solutions is also ineffective, since it is not possible to remove sperm particles from the entire urethra, but only from its outer part.

How to avoid pregnancy

Interruption of sexual intercourse is considered an ineffective way to protect yourself from pregnancy due to the presence of secretions with spermatozoa before ejaculation. Therefore, you need to use other methods of contraception:

  • Condoms. They allow you to protect yourself from infectious diseases, prevent sperm and lubricant from entering the female genital tract.
  • Hormonal contraceptives. There are pills, spirals that prevent ovulation of the egg, which reduces the risk of pregnancy to zero. Used only under medical supervision.
  • Emergency contraception after intercourse. Taking high doses of progesterone in the first 24 hours after sex prevents a possible conception in 95% of cases.

The optimal choice of contraception for a woman will help you choose a gynecologist.

Pregnancy can occur after natural lubricant enters the female genital tract, since it contains a small amount of sperm. The chance of it starting depends on various factors. Barrier and hormonal methods of contraception can protect a woman from fertilization.


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