How to drip sea buckthorn oil into the nose of a child

How to drip sea buckthorn oil into the nose of a child

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Indications for the use of oil
How to use oil at home

Sea buckthorn oil is dripped into the nose of a child with a cold. It protects cell membranes, promotes tissue healing and strengthens local immunity. In pediatrics, this phytopreparation is used especially actively. The technologies for its production make it possible to preserve the biologically active beneficial substances characteristic of this plant.

Indications for the use of oil

Sea buckthorn oil in the nose of a child is indicated for rhinitis. Children under 2 years old are not instilled with oil: they are not able to hold their breath, so the oil enters the respiratory tract. The immunity of such a child is still weak, which is why sea buckthorn can cause exogenous pneumonia.

sea buckthorn oil in the nose of a child

Sea buckthorn oil relieves the symptoms of a runny nose in 3-4 days

The therapeutic effect of oil with a cold is manifested:

  • in healing and moisturizing the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract;
  • in the destruction of pathogenic microbes that cause a runny nose;
  • in reducing mucosal edema;
  • in the removal of inflammation;
  • in strengthening the walls of the vessels of the mucous membrane.

All these beneficial properties are due to the numerous vitamins, carotenoids and fatty acids found in sea buckthorn.

How to use oil at home

Children from 2 to 6 years old can drip 1-2 drops of diluted oil. These manipulations are carried out no more than 2 times a day and no longer than 10 days. The procedure is best performed at night. This will enable the mucous membrane to recover more effectively. Before using the drops, you need to clean the nasal cavity. The concentration of the oil is diluted so as not to cause allergies.

Contraindications to the instillation of sea buckthorn oil are allergies and acute sinusitis. The use of sea buckthorn oil along with drugs that slow down coagulation is prohibited.

As a rule, instillation of oil in children from 2 years of age does not cause health complications. However, remember that any herbal remedy can cause harm. Before using sea buckthorn oil, consult a pediatrician or otolaryngologist.

Doctors say that if the rules for using the oil are followed, the sick child will feel relief in 3-4 days. In addition to instillation, the oil is used for steam inhalation with adenoids.


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