How to blow dry your hair the right way

How to blow dry your hair the right way

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For owners of long hair, a hair dryer is indispensable, especially in winter. A hair dryer will help save time and will not allow you to be late for a corporate party or a date. A trichologist or an experienced hairdresser can advise you on how to dry your hair with a hairdryer.

how to blow dry your hair
Choosing the right temperature when drying will prevent hair damage

Styling with a hair dryer has a number of undoubted advantages compared to curlers, curling irons or irons: a hair dryer both dries and styles at the same time, especially when using different nozzles.

Gentle hair drying technique from professionals

First you need to choose the right model of hair dryer – with adjustable temperature and air flow rate. The ideal option for a hair dryer is that it has three temperature settings, warm for general hair drying, hot for shaping and cold for fixing the result.

There are models with different nozzles: with a diffuser or concentrator, depending on the type of hair. Drying with a diffuser is very successful, as the hair is dried and styled at the same time. To do this, you need to put each strand in a diffuser and hold the hair dryer against hair growth, you do not need to turn the nozzle itself.

Nozzle concentrator used more at straightening hair , hair dryer necessary Keep under corner 80 degrees to comb .

Today, hair products have several functions: they add shine to hair, softness, help straighten unruly curly hair. Thermal protection products are available in the form of serums, creams, balms, sprays and gels. When drying with a hair dryer, a stream of hot air is directed from top to bottom from the roots of the hair to the tips.

When using a hair dryer, you need to know some features of the hair drying procedure:

  • Be sure to wrap your head with a towel after washing your hair and remove the remaining moisture from your hair as much as possible;
  • Do not comb your hair with a brush, it can injure your hair, it is better to use a comb with large sparse teeth;
  • Apply a protective agent to the hair and distribute to the desired area – tips, roots or along the entire length of the hair;
  • Adjust the temperature and check it on the back of the wrist;
  • The hair dryer must be kept at a distance of 20-30 cm from the hair;
  • Drying should be carried out along the entire length of the hair and not concentrated on one area, in order to avoid point overheating;
  • After drying, you need to wait a bit until the hair cools down, and do not rush to comb it;
  • After drying, it is recommended to turn on the cold air blowing mode to close the hair scales.

When choosing combs, it is necessary to take into account the fact that metal combs heat up quickly, thereby increasing the thermal effect on the hair. It is better to buy wooden or plastic ones.

Ways to protect hair

When using a hair dryer, it is recommended to take into account the type of hair: drying short hair does not require the use of the maximum drying temperature, the hair will dry in a very short period anyway.

Thick, curly and long hair will require the maximum drying temperature, but not at the very beginning. The average mode is quite sufficient at the very beginning and further, after 7 minutes you can switch to the maximum mode.

In no case should you direct the hair dryer at the scalp, this will lead to its drying out and the formation of dandruff in the future.

Before drying, the hair is pre-dried with a towel: they get wet more than they dry. In no case should you squeeze or rub your hair, in a wet state, the hair is very vulnerable.

How to dry short hair

When drying short haircuts, you need a completely different technique than when styling long hair. First, dry your semi-moist hair with a hairdryer, then apply styling mousse and lift each strand with a round brush to add volume.

Hairdryer direct from the bottom up, from the roots to the ends of the hair. At the end of drying, you can fix the hair with your fingers or a comb with large teeth and fix it with a spray or varnish.

Volumetric hair drying

One of the easiest ways to add volume to your hair is to blow dry your hair upside down. Bending forward, with your free hand or using a diffuser, it is recommended to dry the root zone and then, walk along the entire length of the hair.

If desired, the basal volume can be fixed with the help of brushing – drying the hair with a hairdryer and a round brush. Before drying, it is recommended to apply a styling agent along the entire length and start drying.

Hair straightening

Nowadays, even the most curly and coarse hair can be straightened using a hair dryer or flat iron. For such hair, it is advisable to use special shampoos and conditioners with a straightening effect.

Before styling, apply a protective agent and comb with a wide-toothed comb. Then lightly dry with a hair dryer and divide into several strands (lateral, occipital and front). You need to start with the occipital strand, twist all the rest and stab with hairpins to avoid repeated thermal exposure to the same strands.

To straighten hair, a concentrator nozzle is used – it directs a stream of air exactly to the desired area of u200bu200bthe hair so that they do not fluff in different directions. In this case, with a round brush, it is necessary to stretch the strands from below. The pulling process itself is directed upward along the arc. Fixing the effect of straight and smooth hair can be done with a special wax or fixing varnish.

playful curls

Initially, the diffuser nozzle was intended to give basal volume to the hair, and only later, stylists discovered that the nozzle, when a special modeling mousse was previously applied to the hair, could give the hair the effect of flowing curls and curls.

When styling with a diffuser, it must be borne in mind that it will not be possible to maintain a safe distance, therefore it is advisable to dry the hair at an average temperature and moisten the tips, preventing them from drying out.

How to Avoid Failed Hair Drying and Styling

It happens that even after observing all the conditions for drying hair with a hairdryer, the hairstyle leaves much to be desired. Sometimes, after a long straightening procedure, girls with lush hair fail to achieve the effect of straight hair. There are several reasons for such failures:

  • It is not recommended to dry your hair in the bathroom – after taking a bath or shower, moist air is still trapped in the room, which makes drying hair useless;
  • The remains of shampoo or balm on the hair can interfere with good styling – rinse your hair thoroughly;
  • It is advisable to use styling products directly in the drying process;
  • The hair itself is prone to oiliness and the hairstyle does not turn out as lush as we would like;
  • Do not pin up or collect undried hair in a ponytail – ugly creases will remain;
  • At the end of drying, be sure to apply a cold hair blowing mode.

If possible, you need to dry your hair naturally, since the influence of high temperatures has its own negative effect: the hair becomes brittle, dry, the ends split. It is also not recommended to dry your hair in direct sunlight. If natural drying is not possible due to circumstances, then try to blow-dry your hair no more than twice a week.


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