Hidden pregnancy – can it be and what symptoms it manifests itself

Hidden pregnancy – can it be and what symptoms it manifests itself

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hidden pregnancy

There is a pregnancy that can proceed without obvious external signs, such a pregnancy is called latent.

In a woman with an occult pregnancy, menstruation continues, the discharge may be the same intensity, but it may also become more scarce, irregular. Body weight and waist circumference may either not change at all or increase slightly. The young mother may not feel the movement of the child, and take unusual movements in the abdomen for gas formation in the intestines.

Statistics say that every fifth woman has an irregular menstrual cycle. The remaining 80% periodically also observe monthly failures, which can be a large number of reasons. Most often, it is irregular and mild periods that cause women to not notice that they are in position. This is how a hidden pregnancy proceeds.

What is an inconspicuous pregnancy

Answering the question what it is, we can say that we are talking about a pregnancy that does not manifest itself so clearly that it becomes noticeable during the first month, and sometimes longer. Many people are skeptical about the concept of ” hidden pregnancy “, believing that it is impossible not to notice such a condition. In reality, this happens quite often.

With hidden pregnancy, there are no signs of a typical pregnancy: the menstrual cycle is not disturbed, or there are failures, but discharge is present in any case, there is no usual rapid weight gain, and the stomach does not increase either. There have been cases when women went to the hospital with white stretch marks in the lower abdomen, or at the beginning of labor. This is surprising, but for full girls this is quite real. Hidden pregnancy most often manifests itself at 3-4 months. Doctors say that many women in this condition suspected a possible pregnancy, but thought that nothing was happening and did not even take an hCG test. Vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy, they continued to consider menstruation, and the movement of the child in the abdomen was taken for the process of gas formation in the intestines.

Features of hidden pregnancy

It happens that women can increase weight, grow a belly, but they don’t even realize that it’s all about pregnancy. Most often this happens when conception is not planned. Therefore, the condition and well-being are not monitored properly, symptoms are not paid attention to. If the girl’s menstruation is irregular and scanty, then they can be confused with other secretions.

Strangers may notice changes in the figure, an increase in the abdomen of a colleague or relative. At the same time, changes in proportions are not the same as in the case of weight gain due to overeating. The body is rounded, not hanging in folds.

Will ultrasound help detect pregnancy?

hidden pregnancy how to find out the belly ultrasound

If there are suspicions about the presence of pregnancy in connection with any symptoms that appear, the gynecologist will without fail prescribe the passage of ultrasound diagnostics. Such a study will accurately determine the place of attachment of the fetal egg, as well as assess the development of the unborn child at the current stage.

Even if there are no obvious signs of pregnancy, ultrasound can detect conception if it has occurred. The analysis for hCG works effectively, especially when it comes to early pregnancy. As a rule, the growth of hCG is associated precisely with pregnancy, since this hormone secretes the fetus. It is on this principle that pharmacy tests work. Usually, ultrasound and an analysis of chorionic gonadotropin together give a clear answer to the question of pregnancy.


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