Causes and treatment of an abscess on the finger of a child

Causes and treatment of an abscess on the finger of a child

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Why does an abscess appear on the fingers?
How to treat a purulent abscess in children?

An abscess on the finger is called panaritium, and if it is near the nail, it is called paronychia. Pathology appears due to infection through microtrauma on the surface of the skin, more often observed on the hands. If the immune system is weakened, pathogens multiply rapidly and the disease progresses. An abscess on a finger in a child is a frequent occurrence that requires adequate therapy.

Why does an abscess appear on the fingers?

Children have weakened immunity, therefore, after infection is introduced into the wound, a pronounced purulent process may begin. It is important to know why abscesses appear on the fingers of babies and how to avoid them.

An abscess on a child's finger

An abscess on a child’s finger, if left untreated, can lead to damage to the nail

There are specific reasons why babies have abscesses on their fingers:

  • Nail biting habit. During this, the child damages the skin, so an infection can enter the wound. It is necessary to wean the baby from this negative habit.
  • Burrs. Children’s skin is very delicate, so it is easily damaged.
  • Improper cutting of nails. The procedure must be carried out carefully so as not to injure the skin. For this reason, an abscess can occur not only on the arm, but also on the toe.

If you find such a problem in a child, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Self-medication can be dangerous and lead to serious complications.

How to treat a purulent abscess in children?

You definitely need to see a surgeon. Perhaps, surgical treatment will be offered (opening the abscess for the outflow of pus). If this is not required, then conservative treatment will be prescribed.

To treat an abscess on the finger, you can use pulling ointments with an antiseptic or antibiotic. A small amount of funds is applied to a cotton pad, then applied to the affected area and bandaged. It is better to carry out the procedure at night, and in the morning the bandage must be changed. Such ointments penetrate deep under the skin, where they destroy pathogenic microorganisms and reduce the inflammatory process. Due to this, the swelling is reduced and the pain disappears.

If fungal microflora has penetrated the wound, antifungal drugs are prescribed. During antimycotic therapy, general or local agents can be used.

Antiseptic solutions can also be used to treat an abscess on the finger. They destroy pathogenic microflora. With this solution, it is necessary to lubricate the affected area every hour.


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