Can there be periods with an ectopic pregnancy?

Can there be periods with an ectopic pregnancy?

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What is the menstruation with an ectopic pregnancy
Can there be real periods during an ectopic pregnancy?

Any woman needs to know if menstruation occurs during an ectopic pregnancy. Knowing the answer to this question can prevent the serious consequences that a pregnancy that develops outside the uterine cavity entails. So, what is menstruation during pregnancy and is it right to call it that?

Menstruation is uterine bleeding that occurs in women only if fertilization does not occur during ovulation. But you can not call monthly any uterine bleeding in a pregnant woman, even coinciding with the period when menstruation begins. And even if the implantation of the embryo occurred outside the uterus, then this cannot lead to habitual menstruation.

do periods go with an ectopic pregnancy

The answer to the question: do menstruation go with an ectopic pregnancy – definitely not

Implantation of the ovum outside the uterus, for example, in the fallopian tube or in the ovary, in the early stages is no different from a normal pregnancy. Moreover, in the body of a woman, changes typical for pregnancy occur:

  • there is a delay;
  • engorgement and enlargement of the mammary glands;
  • morning sickness and other manifestations of early toxicosis are possible;
  • when examined by a gynecologist, cyanosis of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix is noted;
  • the cervix is enlarged;
  • analysis for hCG shows an increased value.

And if at the moment when a woman realized that she was pregnant, there were no complications, then all her subjective sensations are similar to uterine pregnancy. However, upon closer examination, almost all of these signs are still different from a normal uterine pregnancy, which allows the doctor to suspect implantation of the ovum outside the uterus. But in this case, dynamic monitoring is necessary, since with an ectopic pregnancy :

  • the size of the uterus, although increasing with time, does not correspond to the expected gestational age.
  • HCG in dynamics does not increase as actively as it should.
  • during an ultrasound scan in the uterine cavity, a fetal egg will not be visualized, although all signs of pregnancy are present. Therefore, the main diagnostic method for diagnosing ectopic pregnancy is ultrasound.

With an ectopic pregnancy, bleeding often occurs, which occurs when a tube ruptures or during a tubal abortion. It can be mistaken for menstruation, but this is a big mistake!

An ectopic pregnancy terminates on its own early enough, since the fetus can only develop in the uterus. And this period very often coincides with the timing of menstruation. There are several possible scenarios for the development of events, of which the most frequent are:

  • rupture of the fallopian tube;
  • tubal abortion;
  • rupture of the fetus in the ovary.

If a woman suspects pregnancy, but finds herself bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor! In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, this can be very dangerous! It is better to be safe than to get serious complications, fraught with death.

can there be

On examination, can pain be detected on palpation of the abdomen, especially in the iliac region, where the tube has ruptured

All outcomes of ectopic pregnancy are accompanied by similar symptoms:

  • bleeding from the vagina of varying severity;
  • pain in the iliac region. With a tubal abortion – spastic, prolonged, gives to the sacrum, rectum. When the tube breaks, a sudden sharp attack of pain, accompanied by signs of acute blood loss, such as loss of consciousness, pallor, cyanosis, pressure drop.

It is precisely because the symptoms of bleeding may not be pronounced that a woman takes them for menstruation. But in almost all cases, a woman should feel the difference if she pays a little more attention to her body.

What is the menstruation with an ectopic pregnancy

Bleeding during a complicated ectopic pregnancy is in many ways different from the usual menstruation. The first thing the woman herself should pay attention to is the volume, color and intensity of the discharge, as well as the characteristics of the pain that accompanies them.

  • The volume of allocations. With a significant rupture of the tube, an abnormally large amount of blood may leak. In this case, the blood is poured out continuously. In this case, the woman’s condition will worsen right before our eyes. With a tubal abortion, the amount of discharge may, on the contrary, be insignificant, and they may appear periodically, accompanied by symptoms similar to those of menstruation: pulling pains in the lower abdomen, back pain, weakness, fatigue.
  • Selection color. The color depends on the intensity of bleeding: the stronger it is, the brighter the blood. In case of acute blood loss, bright scarlet blood is poured out. With a slow flow, clots form, the blood darkens and coagulates. More often, bleeding occurs precisely according to the second option, which should alert the woman.
  • Pain. Very often, the pain imitates menstruation: it pulls in the lower abdomen, more often you want to go to the toilet, your lower back hurts. And the general condition of a woman in the form of weakness and increased fatigue can also be attributed to the next menstruation. But if we consider in more detail, then the pain during bleeding is usually localized, has a clear irradiation to the rectum and even to the area of the scapula, and is characterized by duration.


If you have a delay, then do not delay contacting a doctor

Can there be real periods during an ectopic pregnancy?

The hormonal background in a woman’s body is arranged in such a way that when an egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, the secretion of substances begins that stop the cyclical onset of menstruation. And even if pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, the influence of these hormones is enough to prevent menstruation.

Therefore, if you notice a slight delay in yourself, it is better to immediately take a pregnancy test, take an hCG test and contact a antenatal clinic than wait for your period to come. After all, it can be bleeding, and so you can avoid serious consequences.


The appearance of bleeding, even a small one, during a uterine pregnancy is not a very good sign, and with an ectopic pregnancy, it is an urgent reason to see a doctor. But since an ectopic pregnancy is very often not recognized at the initial stages, any abnormal menstruation, especially in combination with a positive pregnancy test, is a reason to go to a gynecological clinic.

Now you know the answer to the question of whether menstruation occurs during an ectopic pregnancy, so listen to your body and in any situation that seems unusual to you, contact your doctor.


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