Allowed and prohibited spa procedures for pregnant women

Allowed and prohibited spa procedures for pregnant women

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SPA procedures are a set of recreational activities that use sea water, mud baths, medicinal plants and other components. They are aimed at achieving harmony of body and soul. Such procedures are useful during pregnancy, as they contribute to mental and physical relaxation, improve mood and strengthen the body as a whole.

Spa benefits during pregnancy

In order for the procedures to be only beneficial, you must first consult with a therapist. The doctor will tell you which procedures can be performed during pregnancy and which cannot. In addition, it is important to find a qualified instructor or performer for each procedure.

SPA for pregnant women

One of the spa treatments for pregnant women is body massage

Usually a whole range of procedures is compiled individually for each woman. They have a positive effect on the body:

  • improve mood and prevent stress;
  • promote moral and physical unloading;
  • affect the general state of health – normalize metabolism, lower blood pressure, remove toxins;
  • nourish the skin and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

What can pregnant women do?

SPA for pregnant women includes a special set of procedures in which only natural products that do not cause allergies are used. Here is a list of recommended procedures during pregnancy:

  • Massage and face masks. During pregnancy, fluid is retained in the woman’s body, so swelling on the face may appear. With the help of massage, you can get rid of them, and masks will return a healthy look to the skin – they will help eliminate acne, pimples, age spots.
  • Enhanced care for hands and feet. Paraffin therapy is carried out, which intensively nourishes the skin, moisturizes it and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Speleotherapy. This is a visit to salt caves with a special microclimate. Temperature and humidity regimes are maintained at a constant level: compared with the climate outside the caves, these figures are lower here. The air contains particles of salt, the concentration of carbon dioxide is slightly increased, there are no allergens. It is very useful for pregnant women to be in such places, since then they feel better, immunity increases, and it becomes easier to breathe.
  • Yoga. With an increase in the size of the abdomen, the load on the lumbar spine increases, which causes pain in it. Yoga can help you deal with them. Exercises are selected that involve the muscles of the lower back and the muscles that will be involved in childbirth. So they will stretch enough and will be as prepared as possible for labor. It is imperative to find a qualified yoga instructor, it is forbidden to perform certain asanas yourself.
  • Foot massage. Helps eliminate swelling of the feet, relieves pain and discomfort in the legs and lower back, relaxes. During the procedure, oils are used that effectively soften the skin and moisturize it.
  • Swimming. The load on the spine is removed, the muscles are strengthened, which will subsequently facilitate labor activity.
  • Foot wrap using hypoallergenic products. Helps prevent stretch marks and varicose veins. After a few procedures, the skin will become soft and silky.

But first you need to choose a good salon for spa treatments for pregnant women. Specialists must have a license, diplomas. Also, before visiting any complexes, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist and a therapist.


Spa treatments are beneficial for mothers and children

What can not be pregnant?

Please note that SPA for pregnant women is prohibited in the first trimester and after the 35th week. The rest of the time, visiting the salon is allowed. But you need to carefully select any procedure, take into account contraindications. Therefore, if in doubt, it is better to consult a gynecologist.

During gestation, the following procedures are not recommended:

  • sauna, Russian bath and other procedures that involve exposure to very high temperatures;
  • shugaring and waxing are prohibited, as they are accompanied by pain, and this can increase the tone of the uterus and lead to miscarriage;
  • hot wraps;
  • cryotherapy;
  • massage against cellulite;
  • aromatherapy;
  • dyeing hair and nails using harmful chemical components;
  • tattoo, which can lead to blood poisoning.

All of the above procedures can be dangerous for the fetus, so it is better to refuse them.

SPA has a positive effect on mother and child. Such procedures give a boost of energy, provide positive emotions, help to avoid stressful situations. With their help, a woman can stay in shape during pregnancy. SPA procedures prepare the mother’s body for labor. But their choice must be approached thoroughly, taking into account possible contraindications.


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