Zara: mother who sings

Zara: mother who sings

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Interest in Zara’s work has not faded for many years. The artist tours a lot and successfully, acts in films, but Zara experiences the greatest happiness, in her own words, when the elder comes up, “hugs me and says that I am the best mother in the world.”

Photos of children do not often appear on the singer’s Instagram page: Zara is very sensitive to family values, so every “family” picture is an event.

So, on April 9, she celebrated the birthday of her youngest son Maxim – in the style of “Harry Potter” and shared a cute bright photo from this holiday.

“The highlight of any celebration is, of course, the cake!” Zara writes. – And in our case it was no exception. Cake in the style of “Harry Potter” pleased us this time. Beautiful, and most importantly, delicious. The filling was the most delicate honey cake. What else do kids need?

The singer’s sons – both dark-haired, with oriental features that passed to them from their mother – are dressed up as characters from a well-known fairy tale. “The most beautiful bespectacled men in the world”, “Happy children, happy mother!” – fans of Zara rejoiced for their favorite.