Your personal fireworks: how to get a clitoral orgasm (18+)

Your personal fireworks: how to get a clitoral orgasm (18+)

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Regular orgasms give a woman a good mood, support the hormonal background, increase the body’s defenses. And if vaginal pleasure is not available to everyone, then thanks to the stimulation of the clitoris, almost every representative of the weaker sex can achieve ecstasy. Knowing what to do to get a clitoral orgasm, you can get a bright release and burning sensations. This is a pleasant and quick way to experience pleasure both on your own and with a partner.

What is the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal one?

The clitoris is similar in structure to the penis: this organ also has a head, a tiny trunk and legs in the form of cavernous bodies, which, when stimulated, are filled with venous blood. During caresses, the clitoris erects, swells, becomes larger until the moment of discharge. Each woman’s body is individual in size and location. But the number of nerve endings in it is almost the same for everyone. This means that clitoral pleasure is available to almost every woman, if you find the right way of sexual exposure.

how to get a clitoral orgasm
When trusting a partner, there should be no problems with how to get a clitoral orgasm.

Vaginal and clitoral orgasms suggest that different genital areas are being stimulated. In response to this, the response comes from various pleasure centers in the brain. When stimulating the clitoris, the orgasm is brighter, but faster. It looks like a flash, a surge of pleasure, after which the excitement subsides quickly. With a vaginal orgasm, the sensations are deeper, longer, stronger. Psycho-emotional satisfaction with clitoral discharge is less, but this does not mean that it should be abandoned. After all, in this case, the production of oxytocin, called the hormone of joy, occurs. It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair, immunity, mood, performance.

Ideally, if a woman achieves orgasm in both ways. But this does not always work out – psychological barriers, the inability to relax, the inexperience of the partner interfere. The path to vaginal pleasure can be slow, with clitoral release, everything is much easier.

How to learn clitoral pleasure?

Most often, the inability to orgasm is associated with psychological problems. To overcome them, you need to study your own body. To achieve a clitoral orgasm, a partner is not necessary: you can enjoy yourself.

How to properly stimulate the clitoris:

  1. Massage the pubic area, then move on to light touches on the inner thighs. Only after the appearance of pleasant sensations, you need to proceed to the stimulation of the clitoris.
  2. Gently touch the sensitive area: lightly press it with two fingers. Then try other movements – the body itself will tell you how best to act. If lubrication appears, you can increase the intensity of caresses. Experiment with what range of motion, tempo and pressing intensity is more pleasant.
  3. Insert your fingers into the vagina – probably, the sensations will become sharper. If the genitals are not sufficiently hydrated, use a lubricant.
  4. If you want more, experiment with the anal area and the “A” point in the vagina (back wall at the entrance).

You can stimulate the clitoris not only manually. To do this, use a warm jet of water or special sexual toys.

For maximum enjoyment, it is important to disconnect from the outside world. Therefore, before the “training” you need to be alone, turn off the phone. Throw away unnecessary thoughts and try to “think” with the body. Then it will work as it should. It is possible to use external attributes – candles, aromas, beautiful bed linen. A glass of wine won’t hurt, but no more. There are women who are turned on by watching erotic films.

how is a clitoral orgasm different
Another point that distinguishes the clitoral orgasm: it is easier to get it on your own.

Additionally, you can try aphrodisiacs – substances that cause desire. For example, coffee with cardamom. Aromatic grains invigorate, and the spice increases sexual desire and reduces the negative effects of caffeine. The components are taken in equal proportions: for a small Turk, you need a teaspoon of each ingredient.

If coffee is not to your liking or recommended by your doctor, ginger tea will do. Ginger, thanks to the special essential oils in the composition, improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. Such a drink is useful not only for women, but also for men – it improves potency.

How to bring your beloved to ecstasy?

A man can use the same “manual” techniques to deliver clitoral pleasure to his beloved. But even with sexual penetration, stimulation of the clitoris is possible. The main thing is to choose the right posture. The choice of position depends on how the organ is located, as well as on its size. About a third of women are able to achieve relaxation in the classic “missionary” position. The partner, being on top, rubs his pubis against the clitoris during penetration, stimulating it and bringing his beloved to ecstasy. It is important to choose a certain rhythm here. But this version of clitoral stimulation is not suitable for everyone – it is necessary that the woman’s organ be located so that the man’s pubis touches it.

What else to try:

  • “Rider”. In this position, it is easier to achieve relaxation, since the partner herself chooses the rhythm, angle of inclination, amplitude and intensity of movements.
  • “Officer” position. Penetration occurs when the legs of the partner are thrown over the shoulders of the beloved. Stimulation of the clitoris, as in the “missionary” position, occurs due to the friction of the male pubis. But since here the clitoral zone opens up more strongly, bright orgasmic sensations come faster.
  • “Doggy Style”. Suitable for clitoral stimulation if it is located low. For maximum pleasure, a kneeling woman should bend slightly in her back, raising her pelvis. The partner must choose the correct angle of penetration from behind. Due to the friction of the penis against the clitoris, the woman will get an orgasm.

If the partner is skillful, and the woman is relaxed, trusting him, it is likely that she will be able to experience a double orgasm – clitoral and vaginal – at the same time. In the side position, when the man enters from behind, natural clitoral stimulation is not possible. The partner caresses the beloved by hand.

For maximum pleasure, a woman can guide his hand to definitely reach the most sensitive places.

How to use oral caresses correctly?

Cunnilingus is one of the fastest and most effective ways to deliver bright clitoral pleasure to your beloved. But “bottom kissing” must also be skillful. Caresses with the tongue help develop sensuality and awaken femininity. There are many technicians, but an individual approach is more important. You can start by “touching” the vulva and thighs with warm breath, gentle kisses, and only after that move on to clitoral stimulation. You can caress him, alternating the movements of the tongue and fingers. When a man understands what and how his partner likes, he goes “to the finish line”. It is extremely important to maintain the pace and amplitude of movements, not to stop, otherwise you can bring down the mood.

A skilled lover is able to deliver a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time.

Stimulation of the clitoris with fingers or tongue requires tenderness and accuracy. Make sure that the affected area is moistened, and the pressure is not too strong. The head of the clitoris has many nerve endings and is much more sensitive than that of the penis, because it is almost always hidden under the hood and external influence on it is minimal. Therefore, with intense caresses, a woman’s sensations can be unpleasant, even painful. You have to act softly. With excessive sensitivity, it is necessary to caress the area near the head, emphasizing the trunk of the clitoris from the sides.

If the partner does not come to a climax for a long time, you cannot give up. For her to have an orgasm, the stimulation must last for some time.

A woman herself can help her beloved, caressing her orally. To do this, she should take a position with maximum access to the clitoris: lying on her back and spreading her legs bent at the knees to the sides. For comfort, a pillow can be placed under the buttocks. To tell your lover the necessary pace, you should move your hips to the beat. Do not hold back emotions, express them with groans, sighs. Men like to give pleasure – it increases self-esteem, confidence, enhances their own pleasure.

The physical inability to achieve a clitoral orgasm is extremely rare. But even this cause can be eliminated if desired. If problems arise, you need to consult with doctors, starting with a gynecologist. In the absence of physiological causes of anorgasmia, a psychologist or sexologist will help.



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