Without a soundtrack: Igor Nikolaev and his daughter sing even in the pool

Without a soundtrack: Igor Nikolaev and his daughter sing even in the pool

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What to do in the pool if you are already tired of swimming, and your dad is a popular singer next to you? That’s right, sing songs! This is exactly what Igor Nikolaev did with his daughter Veronica , performing a duet of the girl’s favorite song “Winged Swing”. And it’s not so important that instead of a microphone, a thermometer. The main thing is that the soul sings!

Fans of Igor Nikolaev were quick to express admiration for the vocal abilities of little Veronica. The girl is now almost three years old, and it is noticeable that she is growing worthy of the talent of her famous dad. And since Veronica’s mother, Yulia Proskuryakova , a singer, a few years later a new singing star will clearly appear on the creative horizon.

Subscribers of Nikolaev also mentioned this in their comments: “Nature did not rest. It seems that the Nikolaev dynasty of musicians is being born. The beauty is small and the baby intones so correctly, smart girl! ”,“ An excellent change is growing for dad and mom ”,“ Wow, Veronyusha is vociferous! The star is growing!

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“Winged Swing” is one of Veronica’s favorite songs. Recently, the mother of the future star published a video on her microblog , where her daughter stands on the windowsill and fervently performs the well-known hit from the 1979 Soviet film The Adventures of Electronics.

Recall that the family is now resting in Jurmala. Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova now and then share video and photo impressions of their vacation on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Their main character is Veronica. Here, for example, a girl runs along the beach to the famous song “The Girl is Waiting for Love”, which is performed by the baby’s mother:

After such physical activity, you need to refresh yourself, and preferably with something sweet. Therefore, little Veronica asks her mother for cookies. See how funny this is .

Vacation of Igor Nikolaev and his family in Jurmala continues. Therefore, we are waiting for new interesting videos in the microblogs of Veronica’s parents.

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© Instagram @igor_nikolaev_music

Does your child love to sing?

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