Wishlist: 15 First Birthday Gift Ideas for a Baby

Wishlist: 15 First Birthday Gift Ideas for a Baby

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Preparing for the holidays is a big responsibility. And while mom is busy choosing a birthday cake (of course, healthy and without harmful additives), future guests of the holiday are racking their brains on what to give. Of course, it should be something developing and age-appropriate.

We decided to help and compiled a wishlist of 15 gifts that the baby (and parents) will love.

Pyramid “Zoo”

Develops fine motor skills, helps in the study of flowers and animals. Children are very fond of playing with such pyramids: they put the molds one into the other, and then towers grow out of them. The most fun thing is to say “boo!” and overturn everything.

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This toy is able to captivate a one-year-old baby for a long time. Despite its simplicity, it perfectly develops tactile sensations and fine motor skills of hands, helps to study shapes and colors.

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Roller on a stick…

Having learned to walk, children love to walk with such a wheelchair. And the brighter and more fun the little animal on it, the more interesting the walk.

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…and on a rope

Among the wheelchair hits are those on the rope. Most often it is 2 in 1: both a wheelchair and a toy (a truck or a sorter on wheels in different variations).

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toy phone

Dad has a phone, mom has one too. And the baby! Cheerful and musical. Children can press the buttons for a long time, listening to melodies and developing sounds like animal voices.

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At one year old, babies are ready for research, so they can sit over the sorter for a long time, trying to insert a circle-shaped piece into the triangle opening. And when they find a solution, they laugh out loud. Hooray!

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Developing game table

Such a table is a godsend first of all for mom. It captivates the baby for a long time, because it is so interesting to press all these buttons, listen to music and play with details.

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bathing toy

Not all children love water activities, but with the help of toys, bathing can be turned into fun. For example, if you put such a bright crab in the bathroom. If you twist the parts, water will flow. Great!

bathroom asterisk

Stars are not only in the sky, but also in the bathroom. And if it glows, and even with a fountain … It fascinates! Now bathing will always be without tears.

Set of children’s dishes

A one year old child learns to eat by himself. Hunting for this is able to instill in him special children’s dishes. How interesting it is to eat porridge and see when the cheerful little animal depicted at the bottom of the plate smiles at you.

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Pam-bam-bam, tra-la-la! It’s not a cacophony, it’s a xylophone. Yes, it’s noisy, but it’s a lot of fun and kids love it. In addition, it helps to develop the coordination of the baby’s movements.

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musical pot

This birthday gift is able to enchant the baby. Music pot. And it’s still moving!

Soft toy

Every kid should have a toy. For sweet dreams. What is your baby’s favorite character: a mouse, a kitten, a puppy? Maybe a donkey?

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Sandbox set

In good weather, kids love to play in the sandbox. They fall asleep and pour out the sand, carry it in a truck. At the age of one, this is not always possible, but my mother is nearby – she helps.

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Educational wheelchair-walker

The first steps will be more confident if there is support. And if it is still developing and musical, it will be three times more interesting.

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And what gifts from this wishlist would you choose for the first children ‘s birthday?

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