Will there be more Chinese? Government lifts ban on number of children

Will there be more Chinese? Government lifts ban on number of children

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Chinese children

Chinese parents, present and future, may rejoice. The era of one of the largest social experiments in the country, when the authorities artificially regulated the birth rate, is coming to an end. In the middle of the twentieth century, China faced the problem of a surge in population growth: from 1953 to 1964 it increased by almost 100 million people. According to statistics, the average number of children in a family was more than six.

According to the authorities, overpopulation threatened the lack of opportunities to provide residents with energy and water resources, provide an opportunity to study and receive medical care. Therefore, it was decided to approve the law, according to which there should have been one child in one family. The exceptions were representatives of small nations, residents of agricultural regions and parents whose first child was a girl.

As a result of the measures taken, the birth of more than 400 million people was prevented. However, the authorities faced new problems, among which the most urgent were massive aging, the lack of a sufficient number of young people and the shortage of the female population.

Chinese girl

“It’s too late in China to lift birth restrictions, but it’s better than never,” Chen Jian , ex-department head of the National Planned Parenthood Commission, quoted Bloomberg as saying.

It is known that the State Council of China commissioned a study on the consequences of ending the policy of birth control. The authorities hope that the new measures will slow down the aging of the population and save China from international criticism in connection with the old “discriminatory” law, according to human rights activists.

What do you think about the abolition of the law?

Photo: South China Morning Post, Panorama.com.ve