Why virtual shopping is convenient?

Why virtual shopping is convenient?

24.05.2022 0 By admin

With the birth of a baby, time and opportunities for movement become many times less, and the need to make purchases arises regularly. Our article is a kind of “educational program” about the rules of virtual shopping, which can greatly facilitate the life of a mother.

New life – new technologies

Surely before you became a mother, you did not see anything burdensome in devoting a lot of time to shopping. For some, this is something like a sport – to wind kilometers around shopping centers, manually look for the right thing, stand in line at fitting rooms … Did the efforts expended not end with purchases? Well, okay, but how much I measured!

With the birth of a child, there will be no time for such “entertainment”. For the first six months, all trips to stores are generally very fast and go according to the scheme: I got to the right place, ran around several departments in 10 minutes, quickly grabbed a more or less suitable blouse – and ran home to feed the baby. For everything about everything – a maximum of 1.5-2 hours. This is if there is someone to leave the child with. And if not? With a stroller, you need to somehow get to the shopping center. And you won’t walk inside for a long time – the baby will become hot, wake up, cry. With older children, you also don’t particularly relax: little fidgets in the store always want to touch everything, run everywhere. What kind of fittings and searches for a new style are there?

What should a mother do, who wants to find suitable toys, clothes for her baby, and please herself with new clothes? Definitely – to master the new technologies that our enlightened age offers, and direct your feet, or rather, your eyes, to the online store!

Why haven’t you done this yet?

Many mothers are cautious and do not consider this method of shopping as the main method of acquiring new things.

What can stop?

  • “Difficult”: not understanding the site navigation and the terms of the purchase from the site.
  • “It’s scary to give money away without getting the thing in hand right away.
  • “Suddenly it doesn’t fit”: you can’t see things live, don’t touch, don’t measure.
  • “Long wait”: you pay money, and the goods “come” to you for several more days or weeks, especially if the site is foreign. And no one is insured against the loss of a parcel.
  • Extra costs: you have to pay the courier for delivery.
  • “English leaves much to be desired”: not understanding the text in a foreign language if the online store is foreign.

Dispelling fears

As a rule, the very first attempt to “go shopping” in an online store brings all prejudices to “no”, and you understand how easy and convenient it is.

1. Owners of online stores now spend a lot of time and money so that potential buyers, having entered the site, do not feel insufficiently advanced, trying to understand how this or that resource works and works. As a rule, experienced developers create an “intuitive interface”, and finding information does not present much difficulty. Navigation is built in such a way that on the site a person immediately sees what and where is located, “where to go” in order to find the right thing and buy it.

2. Don’t worry about language on foreign sites. Firstly, on the Internet, an automatic translator is always at hand. Secondly, now many online stores provide the “language choice” service or a fully language version of the site of the country whose residents are targeted as buyers. Thirdly, if you still do not dare to make purchases from foreign sites yourself, but there is a desire to buy goods (clothing, food for a baby, etc.) of specific foreign brands, you can take part in the so-called joint purchases.

3. Unfortunately, modern technologies have not yet grown up to the point that we have the opportunity to “feel, smell, try on” the goods that we are interested in on the site. BUT! A good online store is always distinguished by high-quality photographs of its products, reflecting the real color and shape. You can literally “under a magnifying glass” look at the fabric (if we are talking about clothes), see how the thing looks on the model, get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of the product, study the dimensional grid, and finally, chat with the consultant of this online store.

4. Most often, online stores offer a prepayment format – using a bank card. For those who are concerned about the security of such transactions, it will be useful to know that the likelihood that your wallet will be stolen from your purse while going to a regular store is much higher than when paying through modern Internet security systems.

5. Payment for courier services… Well, first of all, immediately calculate how much money you can spend on public transport or gasoline to get to the desired store (they are not always located within walking distance). In addition, many online stores offer free shipping.

6. You can “go” to the online store at any time of the day. No need to focus on retail store opening hours and spend long hours in front of the shelves. It is enough to place an order, and at the appointed time the ordered goods will arrive at your home!

7. When ordering in an online store, there is no need to spend the whole day at home waiting for a courier – you can always choose a convenient date and time range for delivery. Do you live outside the city? It’s not scary – almost all online stores are ready to deliver your order to any address, wherever you live.

8. Did you not like the delivered goods or did not fit in size? Not a problem – you can always return the goods (in order not to lose this opportunity, do not rush to tear off the tags until you decide for sure whether to keep the goods or not).

Perhaps this is a sufficient number of arguments in favor of virtual shopping, isn’t it?