Why there is irritation after shaving in the intimate area and whether it can be avoided

Why there is irritation after shaving in the intimate area and whether it can be avoided

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Irritation after shaving in the intimate area is a common problem. The groin and inner thighs are sensitive, and when shaving off unwanted hairs, the skin is damaged due to contact with the razor. Microtraumas may not be visible externally, but when particles of sweat get on them or when rubbed with linen, irritation intensifies, pimples and rashes appear.

irritation after shaving in the intimate area

Irritation after shaving in the intimate area happens for various reasons.

Why there is irritation

The main causes of irritation in the bikini area are associated either with the wrong choice of shaving tools, or with errors in the procedure. Common mistakes when choosing shaving accessories:

  • dull blades;
  • poor quality of the machine;
  • dirty razor;
  • shaving gels or foam does not provide a good glide of the blade;
  • frequent depilation.

Often provokes irritation the wrong direction of shaving, when the blade is held against the growth of hairs, damaging the skin and hair follicles. Shave according to hair growth.

Another factor that provokes irritation in the bikini area is the wrong aftershave skin care products. You can not use lotions on alcohol, talc or powder, which dry the epidermis. Dryness and microtrauma increase the risk of local inflammation.

Some people experience irritation due to ingrown hairs.

Incorrect hair growth is due to damage to the hair follicle during shaving against growth or is a congenital feature. Hairs ingrown under the skin irritate tissues, provoking the development of an inflammatory process.

What to do if the skin is irritated after shaving

Treatment of the resulting irritation should be started immediately, following the skin treatment algorithm in the intimate area:

  1. Wipe the problem area with an antiseptic based on chlorhexidine or miramistin. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol tinctures – they will increase the resulting irritation.
  2. Apply moisturizer after shaving.
  3. Wear underwear made from natural fabrics that do not fit tightly to the body.

If possible, it is better to carry out the treatment at night to give the skin the opportunity to recover from microdamages.

To get rid of severe skin irritation, it is recommended to take ointments with an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect instead of an emollient cream. Studying the reviews of women left on the forums about what helps better with irritation in the bikini area, the following popular remedies can be distinguished:

  • Ointment based on pine or larch turpentine with the addition of essential oils. The drug reduces inflammation, accelerates the opening of the formed pustules. Helps for the treatment and prevention of suppuration.
  • Compositions with panthenol. Soothe the skin, reducing irritation and eliminating flaking. The drug is available in the form of a gel, ointment and foam. Panthenol can be used as an aftershave to prevent complications with increased sensitivity in the intimate area.
  • Preparations with bepanthen. Ointments and creams with this component have a wound healing effect, help with diaper rash, inflammation, and small wounds.

The listed ointments and gels are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription and allow you to quickly deal with the problem. The proposed medicinal preparations eliminate the problem after 1-3 procedures. If irritation persists despite the treatment, then you need to consult a dermatologist about how to remove the discomfort in the intimate area caused by depilation.

How to avoid discomfort after shaving

With timely treatment, irritation in the groin passes quickly, but it is better not to allow the problem to develop. This will help the implementation of simple recommendations:

  • choose a quality razor with sharp blades;
  • shaving movements should be done in the direction of hair growth, and not against;
  • use foams and gels that provide good glide or lather the groin area well with ordinary soap;
  • after shaving, apply a product that has a softening and soothing effect;
  • in the first days after depilation, do not wear tight-fitting synthetic panties.

Tips on how to prevent irritation will reduce the risk of complications after depilation.

in the bikini area

Irritation in the bikini area can be avoided

Do not forget about skin care between shaving. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the intimate area, use light scrubs to remove dead epithelium, apply moisturizing and nourishing creams.

Irritation of the intimate area after shaving the hairs is not just a feeling of discomfort. If the skin becomes inflamed often, then this can lead to the appearance of ugly scars and age spots. It is better to prevent the problem from developing by following the rules of shaving and using products to care for the bikini area.


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