Who cheats more often: men or women?

Who cheats more often: men or women?

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Russia is in 4th place in the world in terms of the number of divorces. 51% of couples break up, a third of them – in the first five years of marriage.

Reasons for ending a relationship:

  • material difficulties;
  • lack of love;
  • adultery;
  • dependence of one or both partners on alcohol, drugs, computer games or social networks;
  • living with parents;
  • selfishness, misunderstanding;
  • lack of willingness to compromise.

Who cheats more - men or women

Who cheats more

Men and women perceive cheating differently. Men are more likely to talk about their betrayals and less likely to complain about the infidelity of the second half. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to complain about their partners.

In a formal marriage, spouses perceive infidelity, as a rule, negatively. In a civil marriage, treason is the everyday norm of life.

According to statistics, 75% of men change against 25% of women. At the same time, almost half of women have one permanent lover for a long time, while men prefer to change mistresses. Only 20% of them meet for a long time with one woman outside of marriage.

The vast majority of married men and women choose unfree partners as lovers. This creates the illusion of security for one’s own marriage.

Top 6 reasons for adultery

6 reasons for male and female cheating

1. Not enough fire

Sexual dissatisfaction and the pursuit of new sensations lead to 27% of men and 27% of women cheating. When passion fades, there is emotional coldness, boredom. Therefore, spouses are looking for relationships on the side. They are attracted by the novelty and thrill of feeling with a new partner, as well as the adrenaline that is produced due to the fear of being exposed.

2. New love

This cause is more common in women than in men. 20% versus 8%. This ratio is easily explained by the fact that women are emotionally attached to the object of passion and often confuse a good relationship with love. But sometimes a new love turns out to be stronger and develops into a long-term relationship.

3. Self-esteem

10% of men and 7% of women are driven to betrayal by self-doubt. For a man, this behavior is natural. It is so wound up by nature that the number of close contacts helps him to assert himself and prove to others his worth. A woman feels self-doubt when she lacks attention in the family, and a person appears on the side who is able to appreciate her.

4. Long absences

Business trips, shift work, frequent departures for various purposes lead to 12% of men and 10% of women cheating. The test of separation is one of the most difficult for spouses, especially if such separations occur frequently and for a long time.

Both the physiological and psychological need for intimacy is at work here, so in such marriages, both spouses, as a rule, have lovers.

5. Chance

Despite the relationship, each of the spouses has their own life: work, hobbies, friends. Holidays, corporate parties, joint hobbies can lead to unplanned betrayal. As a rule, such connections do not end with anything. The cheaters feel guilty and try to forget about the incident as soon as possible. Rarely an affair at a corporate party develops into an office romance. Men are more prone to accidents than women: 13% versus 6%.

6. Revenge

Cheating for cheating is an exclusively female phenomenon. 11% of wives decide to cheat on their husband as revenge in order to inflict the same suffering on their spouse that she herself went through. And only 1% of men go to retaliatory treason if they find out about the infidelity of their spouse.

Psychology of male and female infidelity

Psychology of adultery in women and men

Despite the fact that the external reasons for cheating are the same for men and women, psychologically they perceive the phenomenon itself in different ways:

  • Men, unlike women, have a physiological need for a variety of sex. If they don’t get the feel of home in terms of quality or quantity, they quietly go “to the side.” For most of them, cheating is a way to have fun, relieve stress. Like fishing or hanging out with friends.
  • Women are looking for emotions and attention on the side, which they lack in the family. For them, psychological attachment to a partner, the opportunity to talk, as well as gifts and compliments are important. For women, their own betrayal is a unique and vivid experience, so women more often leave the family for lovers.

Of course, betrayal is hard to bear. However, more than 50% of families prefer to save the marriage. Take care of each other and be happy!



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