Who best of all congratulated Tatyana Navka on her birthday?

Who best of all congratulated Tatyana Navka on her birthday?

24.05.2022 0 By admin

A video message from a charming baby, very similar to her famous mother, appeared on Tatyana’s Instagram page and, of course, caused a lot of positive emotions among subscribers. “Daughter is lovely! The greatest happiness for any woman”, “Magic!!!! Happiness, health, fulfillment of desires”, “Wonderful girl!”, “Very similar to her Olympic mom,” fans write in the comments.

The girl looks in the mirror, holds skates in her hands and says that she wants to be like her mother. What else can touch a mother’s heart so strongly? “The best congratulations!” – briefly, but capaciously signed the video Tatyana. In the video, Nadia also shows a gift that she made with her own hands – this is a colorful and cute drawing-card.

But that’s not all the surprises that the baby has pleased her mother. A couple of days later, Navka posted another video on her Instagram, in which we see how the girl performs a small dance on the ice based on the famous fairy tale “The Wizard of the Emerald City” – of course, with assistants dressed up as fairy tale characters.

Tatyana does not hide her emotions. “Congratulations continue!!! My dear girls @orlovamariya_ice @kativarnava, thank you very much for such an amazingly touching gift!!! Tears cute!!!” – Navka commented on this performance. Of course, she is very proud of her daughter and does not hide it. “Nadya is like me in childhood: she does it herself, no one forces her,” she says in an interview. – “This is such hard labor that it’s even scary to give your daughter to figure skating, knowing in advance what path she will have. But at the same time, I, like no one else, understand how wonderful it is. Figure skating is a great sport for girls.”

We wish success to the beautiful mother and her talented baby!