Where do babies come from: 5 funniest answers

Where do babies come from: 5 funniest answers

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Where the babies come from

Sooner or later in the life of every parent there comes a moment when he has to answer the question “Where do children come from?”. If you have yet to do this, prepare in advance! Read the 5 funniest answers and… make up your own!

1. The stork brings babies

The version with a stork exists not only in Russia, but also abroad – in Europe and America. Because of its monogamy, the stork has long been considered a symbol of family and fidelity, and, in some languages, the name of this bird is literally translated as “bringing good luck” or “bringing good news.” And what could be better news about replenishment in the family? This version seems very romantic to adults and may well satisfy the curiosity of the child.

2 Babies Are Found In Cabbage

In the ranking of the most common answers to the question “Where do children come from?” cabbage also occupies a leading position. It is believed that this version originated in Russia and was associated with the harvest season, fertile in every sense: babies were often born in the fall, since winter was free from field work and rich in holidays, after which children appeared in families . Surprisingly, it is often used in our time.

3. Children are bought in the store

To buy a child in a store is not for you to go for bread! However, this option is also very common, especially among grandmothers. “Tell mom and dad to buy you a brother or sister,” you can sometimes hear from older people who turn to children with a playful offer. True, in which store children are sold, grandmothers do not specify.

4. Babies come from a seed

And there is some truth in this! Children appear from a seed that falls into the mother’s tummy, grows and after 9 months a baby is born. How it gets there – many parents do not specify, but up to a certain age, such an answer may well be enough for the child. But then you have to go into details, explaining the nuances of biology and anatomy. Or find answers guided by the spiritual traditions of the family.

5. Children are born from great love.

This option is perhaps the most truthful. When adults love each other, they have a baby – this is how many parents respond. However, this version is too general and can sometimes frighten children with its obscurity, especially during the period of the first childhood love. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and stock up on special literature for children! By virtue of his age, the child will understand exactly as much as he can, and after the lapse of time at any time he will be able to return to this book in order to delve into its study.

How would you answer this question for a child?

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