When to introduce meat to a baby?

When to introduce meat to a baby?

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When to give your baby meat
What kind of meat to give

After six months of age, there comes a period when introducing meat into complementary foods becomes a necessity, because mother’s milk begins to be missed. Complementary foods are recommended to be based on protein foods, choosing hypoallergenic meat products.


Introduction of meat breastfed

When to give your baby meat

The introduction of meat into complementary foods should be no earlier than from 8 months of the baby’s life, if he is breastfed, and from 7 months for artificial ones. Ideally, if the meat product is introduced two months after receiving the first nutritional supplements. It is not recommended to give meat earlier than the allotted time for the following reasons:

  • the child’s digestive system is not yet able to digest heavy protein foods;
  • meat protein puts a lot of stress on the kidneys;
  • with the introduction of early complementary foods, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the product.

What kind of meat to give

Having decided on the time of feeding, you need to choose which meat to introduce. The product is quite difficult to digest, so it’s better to start with a rabbit. It has the lowest percentage of fat and is the easiest to digest. If the child tolerated rabbit meat well, then after two or three weeks you can diversify your diet with turkey. These two types of meat are well digested and do not cause a negative reaction from the gastrointestinal tract.

when to introduce meat to baby food

When to introduce meat into complementary foods for a child – the pediatrician will tell

The last type of meat for complementary foods can be chicken. When deciding how to introduce meat to a baby, chicken should be considered last. It is better to choose poultry, cooking it without skin, choosing the leanest pieces and cooking them carefully.

Pork is not suitable for complementary foods for children, because it has a high percentage of fat, even in the most dietary pieces. Beef or veal often provoke allergic reactions and are difficult to digest. These varieties of meat are best offered no earlier than three years.

The introduction of complementary foods for babies is a crucial stage for the work of its digestive organs. Meeting with a new product, the stomach may respond with an allergic reaction, constipation or diarrhea, and bloating. In this case, it is worth consulting with the pediatrician when to introduce meat into complementary foods for the child, and if necessary, change the product or delay the introduction of protein foods.


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