When is it allowed to wet the mantle for a child?

When is it allowed to wet the mantle for a child?

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Mantoux is a standard and effective way to determine tuberculosis in a child. If you wet the site of such an injection and rub it with a towel ahead of time, the results may be incorrect. As a rule, it is allowed to wet the child’s mantle already 15 minutes after the injection. However, you should ask the injection nurse about when you can take a bath or other water procedures.

is it possible to wet the mantle

Why is mantoux vaccinated

Mantoux is not a vaccination, but a test that allows you to identify tuberculosis in a child or check the effectiveness of treatment for this disease. Previously, there was another way to check – the Pirke test. With this method, special incisions were made on the skin of children, which later, if exposed to water or constant friction, could become infected and inflamed. It was thanks to this injection that there were suggestions that the injection site is strictly forbidden to wet for a long time.

Today, the Pirquet test is considered obsolete and is not used. In its place came Mantu, which has many advantages over its counterpart. And the main advantage is that when staging an injection, there are practically no factors that can affect the reliability of the results.

How to make a Mantoux test for a child and evaluate its result

To determine a dangerous disease, the child is injected with 0.1 ml of a special substance – tuberculin, which is otherwise called a protein derivative. The results are checked after 2 days.

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Evaluation and interpretation of the results is carried out in a well-lit room. In this case, the doctor examines the injection site for the presence of seals, conducts a visual examination, and if necessary, palpates. The diameter of the injection site is also taken into account. The calculation is based on the transverse direction of the grafting to the longitudinal axis of the forearm. All results are recorded in an outpatient card, and the data obtained are indicated in millimeters.

When it is allowed to wet a mantle for a child, it is better to ask a nurse or pediatrician, they will dispel your likely doubts that water can “wash out” tuberculin from under the skin or that some kind of infection can get into the injection site with water. The fact is that these are all common myths. The injection site can be wetted as early as 15 minutes after the injection, without fear of consequences.

What the results say:

  • If the size of the papule is less than 5 mm, then there is no threat of infection.
  • The size of the bulge of 10 mm indicates that the child has been in contact with a carrier of an infectious disease or is at risk.
  • The size of the papule 15 mm indicates that the child is infected. At the same time, characteristic signs are present on the skin.

The measurements do not take into account the area of redness, but only the bulge itself. It should be remembered that positive results do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of the actual infection of the baby with tuberculosis.

After how many days can I wet the injection site

There is an erroneous assumption that it is forbidden to eat sweets after the injection, or it is forbidden to wet the vaccination site. Otherwise, it may affect the results.

On the first day, as well as on all subsequent days, it is strictly forbidden to subject the injection site to mechanical friction.

when can you wet manta


  • It is necessary to ensure that the baby does not rub the injection site with his hands. The papule should not be scratched, this can lead to the fact that the spot will increase significantly in size. This will also affect the interpretation of the results.
  • The vaccination site must not be sealed with a plaster or wrapped with a plastic bag while bathing, since the papule, in the absence of oxygen, can swell and cause irritation, which will only increase the negative reaction.
  • It is forbidden to use antiseptic agents at the injection sites.
  • Heating of the papule should be avoided.

Taking a long bath and visiting saunas is recommended only after checking the results.

If, nevertheless, a small amount of water has got on the Mantoux, it is necessary to gently blot it with a dry cloth, trying not to rub the injection site.

If you still have doubts about whether it is possible to wet Mantoux, ask your pediatrician.

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