What to take on a trip with children: advice from star moms

What to take on a trip with children: advice from star moms

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The holidays are in full swing, which means it’s time to pack for the trip. We have made for you an up-to-date selection of tips from star moms so that you don’t forget anything.

Actor Ararat Keshchyan , who became famous thanks to his participation in KVN and his role in the TV series Univer, is the father of two beauties. The eldest daughter Eva (3) has already managed to see the world with her parents, and eight-month-old Diana will soon have her first trip. The family is going to spend 10 days in Greece. Ekaterina , the wife of the artist, as an experienced mother, prepares for vacation in advance and makes lists of what you need to take with you.

First of all, of course, the star mother says that we must not forget to take a first aid kit in case of unpleasant surprises. Next, Katya shares a list of children’s clothes and shoes, including outfits for the beach, and also reminds you to take insurance, hygiene products, a walking stick, sun protection, and food for your baby with you. The girl advises buying diapers, diapers and repellents on the spot so as not to take up extra space in the luggage.

It is clearly worth learning from this mother how to easily pass the weight limit when checking luggage on board an airplane for a family of four, three of whom are girls.

And gum-woman Elena Borshcheva in her microblog said that every time she forgets to take a beach bag with her, which is why a whole collection of them has already accumulated at home. Do not step on the same rake, put a bag in your luggage.

By the way, what’s a beach bag without a couple of books? Tutta Larsen , an experienced mother of three, just published a list of the best children’s books for different ages.

For the youngest readers, she advises purchasing anti-vandal books with short texts and interesting textures:

You will read the classics in the form of Milne, Lindgren, Volkov, Chukovsky and Barto even without me. <> …small ones like poetry and short stories more. Our favorites here are Julia Donaldson, especially the Gruffalo, Yunna Moritz, Kharms, the awesome Polozkova and the Responsible Child, and Ian Falconer’s Pig Olivia series. Plus Andrey Usachev, Sergey Kozlov. And now there are good reprints of Suteev. Annie Schmidt about Sasha and Masha, Paddington. Kids still like books with little text and pictures. These are Rotraut Berner Spring, Winter, Summer, Autumn, as well as books by Richard Scarry.

And for older readers, the list is so impressive that at the end the TV presenter simply writes: “There is not enough space to list, google it.”

Singer Yulia Savicheva also shared some tips for those who are going to warmer climes.

Julia reminds us that in no case should we forget about hats, sun protection and drinking plenty of water, because heat and ultraviolet radiation are very dangerous not only for children, but also for their parents.

How do you protect your children from the sun?

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