What to do to mom when everything enrages her

What to do to mom when everything enrages her

24.05.2022 0 By admin


Every mother has moments when absolutely everything annoys her, including her own child. And when it becomes unrealistically difficult to restrain emotions, it is urgent to “let off steam”. We have found ways to do this without harming others.

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Half an hour of silence

If you are tired of the cries of the child, the endless “moms”, “I want” and “give”, give yourself half an hour of silence. Turn on cartoons or a game on your phone for your child. In 30 minutes of such leisure, nothing bad will happen, and you can calmly drink tea, take a shower, watch a series of your favorite movie, chat with a friend on the phone or just calm your nerves in your favorite way that suits you.


Dancing is a good way to distract yourself and channel your energy into a peaceful direction. Put on your headphones, turn on your favorite music and dance until you start to “let go”. Singing is also helpful. By the way, you can do this with your child. Such a dance “battle” will help both of you release energy, and your favorite songs will cheer you up.


Forcing yourself to do exercises is another feat for a mother with a child. However, sports, even elementary ones, help to find inner “zen”. Do not want to do the notorious push-ups or pump the press? Find video tutorials on the Internet with interesting and active activities like Zumba or dance fitness. In 20-30 minutes of such fitness, it will definitely become a little easier for you, and the child can join in the process and will be happy to repeat the movements with you.


Getting ready for a walk with a child and not forgetting anything is another quest. So use this time outside for the benefit of both of you. Turn on your favorite music or audiobook and walk with your stroller, alternating pace, until you start to get tired. If the baby is already walking or running around on his own, play catch-up, tag, and catch me if you can with him. Such energetic entertainment will help both of you calm down.


When everything annoys you, including the mess in the house, scattered toys and unwashed dishes, sometimes it is more useful not to evade these annoying duties, but on the contrary, to zealously take on their implementation. Thus, in one cleaning you can “kill two birds with one stone”: spend your aggressive energy on putting things in order and create comfort in the house. It’s not at all necessary to fanatically clean the entire apartment through “I don’t want to”: choose for yourself any one room or closet that annoys you the most. The main thing is to do the cleaning not for the sake of cleaning, but for the sake of feeling your own satisfaction after.

Escape from home

The opportunity to “go out into the world”, for example, to the grocery store or to the nearest coffee shop for many mothers is a real treat. Not to mention the beauty salon, manicure or normal shopping. If you have helpers in the form of grandmothers, husband or girlfriend, discuss the possibility of “escape” with them. An hour or two of time with your beloved child or grandson will be entertainment for them, and for you – a good opportunity to devote time to your beloved.

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