What not to pregnant women: cosmetics and beauty treatments

What not to pregnant women: cosmetics and beauty treatments

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Every woman wants to be beautiful and does everything possible for this! However, during pregnancy, the expectant mother will have to reconsider her beauty arsenal, as well as abandon some procedures.

Cosmetics with hazardous substances

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Why it’s bad: Alas, not all cosmetics are safe, and especially for pregnant women. Some chemicals are toxic and, if ingested, can have serious consequences for the baby. They affect fertility and can also cause miscarriage or birth defects in early pregnancy.

Potentially hazardous substances include parabens, formaldehyde, diazodinyl urea (Diazolidinyl Urea), diethanolamine (DEA), aluminum chloride hexahydrate and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

How to avoid: Carefully read the ingredients on the label. Avoid certain treatments that use cosmetics with these substances, such as eyelash glue (extensions), some nail polishes, hair straighteners and curlers , and other commonly used substances in the beauty industry.

Chemical sunscreens

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Why it’s bad: Sunscreens containing potentially dangerous chemicals can enter the bloodstream and cause allergic reactions and hormonal imbalances in the body. These include oxybenzone and avobenzone, which are widely used in sunscreen cosmetics as filters for UVA rays.

How to avoid: Choose sunscreen with “physical” or “chemically clean” filters that don’t penetrate your bloodstream. Pay attention to the composition, give preference to high-quality pharmaceutical or children’s cosmetics for sun protection.

Hair coloring during the first trimester

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Why it’s bad: Hair coloring during pregnancy is not considered dangerous. However, some chemicals used to make paints can be harmful if they enter the body through the blood or inhalation, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to avoid: To protect yourself and your future baby, refuse to dye your hair in the first trimester, postponing it to a later date. As an alternative, look into plant-based dyes (like henna) or color your hair lengthwise, avoiding the roots.

Thermal treatments

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Why it’s bad: Thermal treatments — like hot baths and saunas — are highly discouraged during pregnancy . They reduce blood flow to the fetus and increase the risk of birth defects.

How to avoid: In the first trimester, it is better to abandon baths altogether in favor of a shower. In the second and third trimester, short relaxing baths are not contraindicated, but the water temperature should not be higher than 37–38 degrees.

acne treatment

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Why it’s bad: During pregnancy, you should not treat acne, as many acne medications contain potent substances (retinol, tetracycline, and others) and antibiotics , which in large doses can be dangerous for the baby. During the first trimester, they can cause birth defects and problems with the central nervous system.

How to Avoid: Talk to your dermatologist to find an alternative treatment.


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Why it’s bad: During pregnancy, even classic massage can be dangerous, not to mention such variations as Thai, anti-cellulite, modeling and others. A strong impact on the body of the expectant mother can provoke a miscarriage, as well as negatively affect the baby.

How to avoid: For women who are preparing to become mothers, there is a special type of massage – prenatal. Find a certified pregnancy massage therapist and talk to them about your concerns and when you can take a course to improve your well-being.

Invasive procedures

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Why it’s bad: During pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to do any invasive procedures that involve penetration through the natural external barriers of the body. These include injections, “beauty shots”, tattoos, acupuncture and other interventions, with the exception of injections and drips using products necessary for the expectant mother and baby. Such procedures can provoke an abortion and other serious complications.

How to avoid: These procedures are best postponed for the future, when breastfeeding is over. Do not worry, the baby will grow up, and you will have enough time to take care of yourself. For invasive interventions, pay special attention to hygiene and pay attention to the sterility of all materials.

Treatments for artificial tanning

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Why it’s bad: These include not only a solarium, but also a cosmetic tan, obtained by applying special cosmetics. UV or chemical sprays to darken skin tone are dangerous at any stage of pregnancy.

How to avoid: Avoid tanning beds and artificial tanning, and avoid too much sun exposure. During pregnancy, you will already shine with happiness, and this is much more beautiful than any tan!

And remember the main thing: pregnancy adorns a woman so much that she does not need any beauty procedures!

Are you ready to change your usual beauty routine during pregnancy?

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