What is mom afraid of, and why are most of these fears groundless?

What is mom afraid of, and why are most of these fears groundless?

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Fears, anxieties, worries are an integral part of life, a side effect of the instinct of self-preservation. Psychologists argue: who is more susceptible to them – men or women, adults or children? Be that as it may, women are more emotional and sensitive beings. And during such periods of life as pregnancy and the first year of motherhood, stress increases many times over.

We have compiled a rating of the most common mother’s fears – we will try to understand them. Perhaps this will help many to get rid of negative obsessions.


1. Life is over

Even if the pregnancy is long-awaited, for many women it suddenly begins to seem that two strips of a pregnancy test put an end to all their plans, hopes and aspirations. And now, of course, there will be nowhere to live, nothing to eat … Such thoughts are visited by the vast majority of expectant mothers.

Talk to your mom, remember the stories of your girlfriends. Most often, it is with the birth of a baby that something “turns” in life, and prosperity appears, unexpected help suddenly comes, a house and everything necessary to raise a healthy child is found. The little man brings a special meaning to life, fills it with love and previously unknown happiness.

Pregnancy test, signs of pregnancy

2. I hurt the baby

Many women who are not yet aware of their pregnancy lead their normal lives for some time. Someone smokes, indulges in alcohol, takes medication, skis down a hill … and falls off it. And having learned that they are expecting a child, they begin to draw various scary pictures in their minds and predict undesirable consequences.

Stop beating yourself up and tormenting yourself in vain. Strong excitement can do more harm than a couple of cigarettes.

The placenta filters out many substances harmful to the baby, including drugs, alcohol or nicotine. Therefore, discard worries and remain confident: everything will be in order. But it will be useful for the child if the mother continues to adhere to a healthy lifestyle in the future.

3. Who will need me like this

With the advent of the tummy, a woman begins to be overcome by the fear of forever parting with a slender figure. Proper nutrition, special exercises and cosmetics for pregnant women will help not only maintain the previous shape. For most women, the figure after the birth of a child becomes more feminine and attractive. And breastfeeding for a long time, following the diet of a nursing mother and caring for a baby are generally incompatible with extra pounds (proven by experience!).

4. I will be a bad mother

This is exactly what you don’t have to worry about. Motherhood is not a profession that needs to be mastered for a long time and hard. Swaddling, changing diapers, cleaning your nose – you will learn everything you need in a few days of your stay in the maternity hospital, where, if anything, they will always help and prompt. The main thing is that powerful, incommensurable stream of maternal love that will cover you with your head as soon as the small body is in your arms. He will make you the best mom in the world .


With the birth of a baby, old fears go into oblivion, but new ones come to replace them, which take possession of the mind of a young mother with no less force.

1. I will break something from him

No, no and NO. With apparent fragility, this squeaky lump is perfectly adapted to life. A loving mother cannot harm a baby in any way. Do everything with tenderness and remain calm.

2. He doesn’t get enough, my milk doesn’t suit him.

Just the same, it is your milk that is ideal for the baby. It has everything you need, including vitamins, trace elements, immune cells and enzymes. If the baby is gaining weight normally, there is nothing to worry about, and if necessary, you can increase lactation – thanks to more frequent attachment of the baby to the breast, pumping after each feeding, taking special lactogenic drinks.

3. He’s crying and I’m to blame

Do you feel guilty when people talk to you? Crying is the only way of communication available to the baby. And until he fully masters speech, the baby will tell you that he wants to eat or that he has wet diapers, precisely through crying.

baby crying

4. These colic will never end!

When a baby starts colic , a difficult period begins for the whole family. The nervous system of a woman is literally “thinning”, she constantly wants to sleep, she breaks down on her husband and sobs no less than her tired child.

There are two facts that will help you get through this time:

  • colic is not a disease, but a natural stage in the maturation of the enzymatic system of the gastrointestinal tract of the crumbs;
  • painful spasms, from which the baby cries so inconsolably, will end very soon, as a rule, this happens at 3-4 months;

In addition, the symptoms of colic can be alleviated or even prevented. One of the “proven” methods is to correct the technique of attaching the baby to the breast . With the correct grip of the nipple, excess air will not enter the baby’s stomach, therefore, there will be no sense of the schedule of the tummy. If the child is bottle-fed or mixed-fed, an anti-colic bottle will help.

5. We will all stop sleeping when teeth start to erupt.

This fear takes possession of many mothers who have just experienced colic. It begins to seem to them that they cannot survive another such stage of “night crying”. But, firstly, not all children have the appearance of teeth accompanied by painful symptoms. And, secondly, you can help the baby survive this period by lubricating, for example, the gum area with a special anesthetic gel or offering silicone teethers with distilled water inside during the day. They are designed to relieve pain in children (used chilled).

6. Something bad might happen to him.

Increased anxiety among mothers is a common phenomenon. “Healed” by time, the number of children and … forethought that comes with experience. One of the measures that help mothers cope with this fear is all kinds of devices to create “home security:

protective latch for any type of drawers; .

universal safety tape with Velcro; .

plugs for the socket; .

U-nozzle on a door; .

blocker for cabinets, refrigerator or bathroom doors.

To love means to worry

If you are a mother, then in the next 40 years you will have plenty to worry about.

The child is cold / hot, he has not eaten / overeaten, sleeps a lot / sleeps little, I do not love him enough / I love him too much ….

Do not panic, “turn on your head” and trust only verified information. Surely in a few years you will remember your own fears with laughter and tenderness.