What a news! Actress Brigitte Nielsen pregnant at 54!

What a news! Actress Brigitte Nielsen pregnant at 54!

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Pregnancy after 50 seems to be the new trend. If earlier women after 30 were considered “old-timers”, now giving birth at the age of 40 or even 50 is a very real trend that can be traced all over the world.

The news about the late pregnancy of actress and model Brigitte Nielsen (Brigitte Nielsen), ex-wife Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester Stallone), caused a storm of emotions and discussions. A few hours ago, the actress posted on her Instagram page two photos in tight clothes, where it was clearly visible that replenishment was coming to her family soon. The expectant mother signed them like this: “The family is getting bigger” and “Positive vibrations.”

These pictures caused a strong reaction from the subscribers, who expressed their surprise, mixed with joy, and, of course, wrote numerous congratulations.

“Congratulations, you have given hope to many women who thought it was impossible. You have proven that it is possible.”

“Tell me what precautions are in place, how to prepare and what to check as I think you will be an inspiration to many women over 40 who have decided it is too late.”

“How is that possible?”

The father of the future baby was the husband of the actress, 39-year-old Italian producer Mattia Dessi , whom they married in 2006. This will be Bridget’s fifth child: the 80s icon has previously been married five times and is the mother of four sons aged 23 to 34.

If you believe the statistics, then every year the number of women who become pregnant at age 50 or more is increasing, despite the health risks.

How do you feel about late pregnancy?