Web Stars: Dad and Daughter Do Incredible Hairstyles

Web Stars: Dad and Daughter Do Incredible Hairstyles

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Dad and daughter do incredible hairstyles

Benny Harlem is an ordinary man living in New York with his wife and daughter. The father of the family is engaged in modeling, acting and writing music. But in this family there is something unusual – dad’s hair, thanks to which he became very popular, and with him his daughter.

The fact is that Bunny’s hair is a real work of art. With them, he can do anything, and it always looks very original. For example, when he does his Afro hairstyle, he looks like a huge black dandelion.

When he decides to raise his hair up, then his hairstyle reaches 52.07 centimeters in length. It takes about two hours for such styling in Harlem. It is thanks to the length of his hairstyle that Benny got into the Guinness Book of Records this year.

But the most important thing for him is not this, but daughter Jaxin , for the sake of which, one might say, he conceived all this. In his blog, he gives her attention even more than his beloved wife. It is important for Benny that his daughter grows up to be a self-confident person, strong and independent. He wants Jaxin to accept herself for who she is from a young age.

The fact is that at present, other African American girls are trying to straighten their hair, make their skin lighter, in order to at least look like celebrities.

Jeksin with her natural hair looks natural and beautiful. And together with dad they create an amazing duet!

Which hairstyle did you like best?

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