We are together! Hobbies that will unite mother and child

We are together! Hobbies that will unite mother and child

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The time that you devote to your child will become doubly filled, unforgettably valuable for both of you, if in the activities of your son or daughter you are not only an observer or mentor, but also a comrade of interest. You can start a common hobby as soon as your baby starts walking. What kind of hobby to choose if your baby is not yet five? We will advise!

Drawing and coloring

Coloring for adults is one of the most fashionable hobbies of recent years. So, when choosing a collection of pictures with dolls, cars, planes and bunnies in the store for your son or daughter, look at the coloring book for yourself. What are you interested in: Vedic mandalas, characters from Game of Thrones or Sherlock, reproductions of masterpieces of world art, landscapes with waterfalls? And if you feel like a no less talented artist than your child, holding a brush in his fist over a green blot (“Mom, this is a dog!”), Then the road is open to you: there are a lot of videos on the Web that teach the basics of graphics and drawing and self-help books. While your son or daughter is practicing how to hold a brush or pencil correctly, mastering colors and their combination options, you are immersed in creative meditation, getting rid of anxieties and stresses.



Entrust children’s hands – under your supervision! – plasticine or salt dough is possible when the child is one and a half to two years old. Lesson after lesson, and your child gets enough exercise to develop fine motor skills, imagination and spatial thinking. And you can not only remember your childhood, collecting and decorating a snowman from plasticine koloboks with your baby, but also master the skills of a ceramist – learn how to make jewelry, figurines, decorative dishes and other pleasant little things out of clay that may well become souvenirs (handmade!) for your friends and loved ones.

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Assembling puzzles and / or constructor

children's puzzles These toys will help your child develop fine motor skills and intelligence, including logical, creative and spatial thinking. The main thing is to select sets according to age: the younger the baby, the larger the parts of the toy should be and the fewer parts should be in it. It is better, of course, that the child is at least one and a half to two years old, and it cannot be left unattended during the game. So sit down and build a princess castle from Lego or restore a horse panel with a good hundred details (don’t give them to a little fidget!). Take a break from worries, relax, and there will be something to surprise guests when you invite them to compete in picking up a puzzle for speed.

Joint Fitness

mother and child doing yoga

Your priority at this point is not Olympic records and not a weight loss marathon, but the joy of movement. Everything counts: morning stretches, and massage that you do to your baby, and then to yourself, and walks in the fresh air, and classes in the pool, and dancing (both in the studio with a trainer, and at home to your favorite music), and games with ball, including fitball exercises. Of course, the choice of physical activity that goes beyond exercise and walking should be discussed with the pediatrician. And you can be inspired by the example of the Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen, who practices yoga with children from their very early age. Pictures and videos from training are posted on the page of the star mom on Instagram.


mother and child in the kitchen

With a young assistant in the kitchen , of course, you won’t get bored, so the first joint culinary experiments of mom and baby should be the simplest. Let the child assemble a sandwich, the ingredients for which you have cut in advance, sprinkle cookies with cinnamon or sugar before sending them to the oven, throw chopped greens into okroshka. An older child can be trusted to knead pancakes, wash vegetables and perform other simple manipulations that do not require contact with boiling water and sharp objects. Let him train coordination and fine motor skills, learn the names of new items for him, put on, like a real cook, his own small apron and cap. And you will completely break the lumps in the pancake dough yourself and proudly tell your loved ones that you did not cook alone, so the food turned out to be doubly delicious.

And what hobby of your child do you gladly share with him? Tell in the comments!

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