Water world: children of Anton Makarsky swam with dolphins

Water world: children of Anton Makarsky swam with dolphins

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Star parents – Anton and Victoria Makarsky – decided to please the kids and the whole family went to the aquarium, where they had fun. We went on a tour of the underwater world and the most interesting – swam with dolphins.

An ocean of impressions! :))) Vanechka and I don’t play cars at all since we found out about the existence of the underwater world 🙂 And my mother was dreaming: God willing, children will grow up, become research scientists. And we will travel the world with them, dive into the depths of the oceans and seas, conquer mountain peaks, and maybe even dad and I will help them make interesting discoveries.

Earlier, Victoria Makarskaya said that their son, 3-year-old Vanya , loves fish and the underwater world and even dreams of becoming an ichthyologist.

Apparently, the visit to the fish impressed not only Vanya, but 6-year-old Masha was completely delighted.

The best days of our lives when we are together :))))
Good mood to you all! LOVE AND JOY! 🙂

It is known that now Makarsky with children settled in Sergiev Posad. Masha and Vanya spend almost all their free time in nature, play a lot, ride bicycles, pick mushrooms and berries, and their parents enjoy peace and quiet, but do not forget about social initiatives.

Would you like to swim with dolphins?

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