Vitamin charge: summer toasts with berries, vegetables and fruits

Vitamin charge: summer toasts with berries, vegetables and fruits

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summer toast

Children willingly eat only if they like the food externally. They also love sandwiches. There is a great reason to diversify the usual children’s menu with toasts with curd cheese and other delicious toppings.

How to cook : For toast, choose bread that your little one loves. Slightly dry it in a pan or in a toaster. Second step: preparation of ricotta, one of the healthiest cheeses that contains very little fat compared to other varieties. If desired, you can replace it with any curd cheese without additives.

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Mash up a small amount of fruit or berries to decorate the toast and mix with the cheese. Thanks to this, the base for sandwiches will become more fragrant and acquire a beautiful shade. Lubricate the toasts with cheese and put fruits, berries, herbs on top.

Summer toasts are good because you can fantasize with the filling. Add various additives to the base curd cheese, creating new flavors.

Good toasts with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, pesto, beetroot hummus

Mix vegetables and fruits

Use black and white sesame seeds to bring out the taste of summer toast.

Berry extravaganza with mint leaves

Get Creative: Design a Childish Summer Toast Design

The most delicious toppings for summer toasts available to residents of both megacities and small Russian towns:

  • avocado, spinach and cucumber;
  • beetroot hummus with thyme;
  • mozzarella and tomatoes;
  • jam and any sour berries;
  • ricotta with green onions.

Tasty? Then here’s some more summer toast in the video!

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