Video: Will Smith is willing to do a lot for "likes"

Video: Will Smith is willing to do a lot for "likes"

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Hollywood actor Will Smith , having worked in the Moscow Luzhniki at the World Cup final, immediately went on a well-deserved vacation. According to him, he has not seen his family for several months and now spends all the time with his family.

At sea, the Smith family rented a yacht, where they decided to take a break from annoying paparazzi. So they thought! In fact, instead of photographers and fans, the wife and children are attacked by the head of the family. Will posted a video where he tries to film his wife Jada and children, and they brush him off, or do not pay attention at all.

“Look cute for my instagram so I can get more followers!” . Will jokingly asks his wife, but she only waved him off. Willow ‘s daughter didn’t pay any attention to her father when he called her. And only the eldest son Trey (the child from Will’s first marriage) tried to be nice on camera. See how it was:

Apparently so close decided to take revenge on Smith after he forced them to go diving. In fact, everyone really enjoyed diving to the depths, however, before the swim, the father of the family, an experienced diver, meticulously taught them this business, which slightly tired the beginners. Watch the video:

When the children boarded the ship from the water, they said that this dive was the coolest thing in their life! Dad Will Smith knows his stuff!

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