Video: Timati teaches daughter to ride a bike

Video: Timati teaches daughter to ride a bike

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4-year-old Alice, the artist is helped to raise by his mother Simona Yakovlevna Yunusova. This decision was made due to the busy work schedule of the child’s parents. The proud grandmother dedicated her blog to her beloved granddaughter, so Timati ‘s fans will be the first to know about Alice’s most important achievements.

The other day, Simona Yakovlevna published a video in which a famous father teaches his daughter to ride a bike!

Just like in a fairy tale: – “Grandfather beat, beat, didn’t break … Baba beat, beat, didn’t break …”, and Dad took it and taught it!) 🚴‍♀️👏 And yes, I know that without protection is more dangerous…😅

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By the way, the famous rapper manages to keep his promise he made last year. Then the artist announced that he decided to take a break in his career to be with his daughter and watch her grow.

I would like in all this fuss not to miss the childhood of my daughter. And give her more time. I’m not leaving the stage, I’m just setting my priorities more soberly. Everything else will have to wait.

Dad said – dad did! Timati really began to spend time with the girl more often. At breakfast, the father listens to his daughter’s stories about her hobbies:

In the afternoon, dad helps Alice learn English:

And in the evenings she dances with a little beauty:

And when Timati is absent, he is replaced by his younger brother Artem, who happily spends time with his niece and her friends.

Photo and video: Instagram