Video: Timati gave his daughter a ring

Video: Timati gave his daughter a ring

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Timati with daughter Alice

The famous Russian rap artist Timati (Timur Yunusov) made another gift to his 4-year-old daughter Alice – a ring with a huge heart-shaped stone.

The video was published on her page by the artist’s mother, Simona Yakovlevna, who devotes a lot of time to raising her beloved granddaughter. The gift caused a mixed reaction from fans, despite the delight of the majority of subscribers with the touching care of the father, some are wondering why the child needs such an expensive gift.

What a cool tradition when dad gives jewelry to his daughter. My dad did this from childhood, and then my husband took the baton. There is no better jewelry than those that men give

“Daddy’s Princess!”

My opinion: precious gifts for a child of 4 years old – snobbery

In addition, the fans were interested in the singer’s phrase, in which he asks the baby to give the ring to her mother, the Russian model Alena Shishkova , with whom the singer maintained friendly relations after breaking up a year after the birth of her daughter. In the video from the celebration of the 4th anniversary, the girls Timur and Alena warmly greet each other.

It remains only to admire how stellar parents create a fabulous childhood for Alice, no matter what.

Photo: Instagram